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  1. I give the post match talk to the whole team first. We had a good win and opted for the passionate 'very happy' option. I gave two youths their debut who did well, and although they went green from the team talk I did an individual one for both of them (very pleased with your performance) but as a result they turned red. Should individual talks come before the whole team one?
  2. I'm aware I can tell me players to mark a specific player through their individual instruction, but is there not a team marking mentality somewhere? I don't want to have to tell each player who to mark each game. When I open the PIs there player to mark is defaulted to 'none' which I am guessing means I am using zonal marking.
  3. These things are planned, designed, built, integrated and tested by fairies are they? Even a simple thing takes a lot of man hours to build - trust me I do that job for a living. All those man hours could be spent actually implementing some of the feedback that the forum users have taken their own time to provide. So implying that there's been no development resource involved in implementing this "feature" is quite patronising and quite simply wrong, thanks.
  4. Good to see SI focusing on the really important issues that the community feedback to them....
  5. Banger love used to do it a lot. That's probably around the start of the 3D engine I guess
  6. You can mirror your desktop into an Apple TV. I did it once with my 42 incher (oo-err) but some of the font is a bit small from normal tv viewing distance
  7. Seriously? This is the response from one of the test team?!? Poor, poor show
  8. I'm on a decent machine - 2011 iMac with 12GB RAM (although I know the game's 32bit for some stupid reason). After playing for about 10mins, the 3D view stutters like mad. I'm not multitasking so what's going on?
  9. If we have DoF can we mark a player as 'I want his contract extended' and have the DoF do it? I don't like doing contracts but if I tell the DoF to blanket do them he resigns people I was wanting to let go (but I don't want to transfer list them - ie old players)
  10. 'Go back'. 'Mark tall player'. Great. I've got every player back defending a corner against part timers. That's close to 20 players in the box and the ball comes in untouched until it bounces in the 6 yard box and is tapped in from a few yards by the forward that unbelievably has none near them. It's not Pele or some other world class player - this is someone playing for Cambuslang Rangers. Oh, and i have my match preparation constantly on defending set pieces precicely because you can have the best team in the world and not be able to do a thing when the opposition gets a corner. It's a joke. Get it sorted
  11. I'm thinking or doing it but never heard of them before. Reviews on google seem ok, but thought I'd check here
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