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  1. alternatively you can just go on holiday
  2. you know what, initially i wanted to add it to my kojuro skin cos i love its design and layout. and then i downloaded your dark version and it is just perfect for what it is. Thank you for making the skin its amazing!
  3. As you can see from the Kits section on the club info page
  4. The club badge seems to be at the wrong position of the kit as u can see in the picture. does anyone else have the same problem? and how do you fix it
  5. so i created a custom league in asia and wanted that league to be participating in the asian champions cup. anyone has any idea how can i do that?
  6. isit possible to start a custom league that is not based in a single nation? e.g european super league which involves multiple nations?. because it seems i cannot work on advanced rules without my league being based in a nation
  7. Hello Fellow Singaporean... i heard last year its 4pm uk time... so if its the same this year, its 12am for us
  8. Ikr. Like how do u post false advertisement and keep radio silence for the entire day.
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