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  1. Hi @knap I was using HOLY GHOST FIRE 4330 DW P107 EC FA before the update. I believe you haven’t updated yet. Any suggestions for a similar tactic with the new ME?
  2. Hi @knap you have some tactics with defensive wingers. But it seems there are not a lot of great players in this role. Most of them are the CWB, and I end up with 2 defenders on each side! Can the more attacking wingers do the job, even if they are not so naturally defensive?
  3. Thank you very much Knap. Just one final doubt. Would you say that it’s is better to change the mentality, or adopt a secondary tactic for difficult games with attacking or positive mentality by default, instead of very attacking Ex: kashmir 2233 flat 433. I am always scared of changing the mentality and killing the dynamic of a tactic.
  4. Hi Knap, For fm20, I used the Kashmir 433 MU P111 in a very strong team, and won easily against all weaker opposition, but with similar teams, sometimes easy victory, sometimes big defeat. Any similar tactic for the away/difficult games? can that be used as a SUS? I also get a lot of yellow and red cards.... can you please help me? many tks
  5. Hi, I’m currently using a 5212 WB. I don’t see anything close to that on the best tactics. What would you recommend? Anything without wingers... maybe a 442 diamond? what kind of attributes would be good? many tks, PS: any possibility of showing you my team, and you give some hint on the best tactic?
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