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  1. Hi everyone, I recently started a game with Montreuil FC who are in Régional 1 (French sixth division) thanks the the R3MO update. I didnt put any other update of the database which means all my players are regens. However I have a very hard time finding decent players. When I look for players and tick "interested for transfer", I have a lot coming up buck I cannot invite them all for trials... I tried sorting by reputation and youth caps but the level is so low there are none. Any tips ?
  2. Thanks everybody for the input. I ended up winning the National with a possession-based game, with two attacking wingers and a support advanced forward. I appreciate the discussion. 1. To take advantage of my (limited) squad depth and best players (all attacking wingers). 2. Originally it was to create space and offer counter attacking opportunities. But I'm quite the noob at this.
  3. Thanks for the great answer ! I ended up playing shorter with a higher defensive line. I noticed playing offensive yields a lot more results, if I play a more defensive mentality the other team just comes and comes forward and I get hit by shots outside the box. Right now I'm cruising in the league. I ended up reading that Balance and Strength are good for posession since it makes it harder to remove your player from the ball.
  4. Sorry about that, I'm so used to games requiring a complete reinstallation to change a language that I had not even considered it. It turned out to be so simple... Here it is.
  5. Sure... Hope you guys understand French ! Here's my tactic, the overall comparison and the mental comparison, the only spot where I have clear advantages.
  6. Red Star is a fascinating club playing in the French third division (Championnat National). It is one of the oldest sports team in France, dating back to 1897, and its history tells a bit of the history of football : originally a bourgeois entity referencing the Red Star line of boats, its symbol is now that of working class and antifascist groups. They are located in the popular northern suburbs of Paris and play in the stade Bauer, named after a communist doctor murdered by the collaborationist French police. Their games are knows for basically having antifa parties in the stands. The p
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