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  1. This year more than ever I’ve loved doing DOF saves where I leave all of the transfers and contracts to the director of football and I just manage what he brings in. Adds a bit more randomness and challenge to saves and stops me getting all the best free transfers every year which jumps you up the leagues unrealistically quickly. Im now managing Colchester in League 2 (top of the table in February) but they have a number of loans in the first season and when they leave the striker and left back positions only have one player in each position. I'm curious as to how the DOF will recognise the need to fill these spaces as on a previous save with Villa after the 1st season and making the champions league (They’re a dream to play counter attacking football with!!), the DOF went out and strengthened the attack with no defensive reinforcements which were definitely needed. Wondered how the AI decides what positions you’re DOF will look to strengthen? I’ve cleared my squad depth page of all the lower star youngsters in the hope that the AI will see that there is only one first team standard striker and one leftback when the loanees leave and target signings in that area. Aware I can add players to the transfer target list but that feels like just me making the signings again. Is there any info on how the DOF decides on signings and what positions to make signings in?
  2. Saw a developer response on the App Store reviews that said should be before January so that’s some form of timescale at least. I don’t think there’ll be much of a heads up before it’s release. Think it will basically be a thread - “the update is now out”. as previously mentioned, only really need the freezes and crashes sorted, the rest I can put up with.
  3. Saw a similar thread had been closed in the bugs forum and was wondering when everyone expects the first update to be out with tomorrow being two weeks since the games release and very little communication from SI about the update other than it’s being worked on (I’d be concerned if it wasn’t being worked on haha) Personally wouldn’t mind if the only thing they fixed is the screen freezing during matches on tablets - game is unplayable and I could put up with the other things that are wrong at the moment if I knew I could at least get through a match without it crashing. There’s a reason the App Store is filled with 1 star reviews and people asking for refunds. Have never seen an SI game with a 2.5/5 rating on there before now. Will be concerned if it’s not sometime this week with the Christmas holidays coming next week - no doubt the SI staff deserve their leave for all their work this year across all formats of the game with everything else that has been going on but becomes a very easy excuse for no update until the new year if everyone is on leave....
  4. Great Thanks Harry completely understand it may take sometime as not the most urgent bug to fix - just glad it was actually something that wasn’t meant to be happening and not me being stupid and missing some button I was supposed to be pressing haha appreciate the quick communication on this 👍
  5. Thanks Harry for replying - really is much appreciated. The annoying part is I’m not trying to purchase anything (which would obviously require internet access) I’m just trying to access already purchased items in the wallet. Are these not stored on the device once purchased? Just to confirm, you’re saying that it’s been purposefully programmed that you can pay for additional items for the game that then can’t be activated within the game, that doesn’t need internet access to be played, unless you have internet access? And that wasn’t flagged at any point as potentially being an issue?
  6. Seems to be less a bug and more a visual issue. as picture below shows, even when playing away the result will always have your scored goals first even though you're the away team. so for example, in real life if Chelsea played Burnley away and won the game 2 goals to 1, the score would read “Burnley 1 - 2 Chelsea” in FM (assuming you're managing Chelsea) the result will still show as if it was “Chelsea 2 - 1 Burnley” even though you’re the away team in that game. your goals will always be shown first wether the home team or away team. In your example, you scored two goals away as Feyenoord and lost so in real life the score would read “Norwich 3 - 2 Feyenoord” but as it’s FM it always reads as “Feyenoord X - X whoever you’re playing home or away”. hope that helps clarify 👍
  7. Can’t see that this has already been raised but apologies if it has been. when trying to access the items I’ve already purchased in the store I can’t get to them when I’m out and about with no internet access. So when I start a new game and want to turn on for example the “no work permits” unlockable or “no loan restrictions” that are housed in the wallet tab on the store I get the following message which only comes up when I have no internet. I close the message and this closes the store. On last years version you could still access the wallet section of the store without internet. is this a bug or am I missing someway to close this pop up without it exiting the store?
  8. The App Store ratings and reviews for touch so far are filled with reports of bugs so you’d hope SI will aim to resolve these ASAP as who’s going to download the game a week after release with an average rating of 3.2 out of 5 and a number of reviews mentioning countless bugs we’ve flagged on the forum as well. agree with what someone else wrote that it feels like a live beta for the game and we’re just finding the bugs for SI. No problem with that, would have just been nice to have been told that - there would be much less annoyed people if they knew there was going to be this many bugs and that we were being asked to help identify them rather than believing the game was ready to go (dread to think what it would be like if it hadn’t been delayed a week!)
  9. Have had this happen for pretty much every game on my iPad mini 2 across multiple saves. Not a massive bug but wondered if anyone else had seen it. post game stats report is always blank. No shot map data, no xG data, no pass combinations. when you press the match report button the data is then available so it does exist and is just not showing up on the inbox report.
  10. I noticed the thing with unnatural positions highlighted on player profiles instead of their natural positions as well. I wondered if it is a way of the game showing you where a player could easily be retrained to a natural position? Willian already natural on right and central so left wouldn’t be difficult for him to learn (in game that is. In reality he can barely play anywhere!) I've seen it with CM’s and their highlighted position be DM or AM or CB’s Highlighted LB or RB. Actually hoping not a bug as would be a great little feature haha.
  11. Actually I’ve had this issue across all saves I’ve started on the iPad mini 2. Below shows 5 or 6 random players with picked numbers (focusing on goalie being number 1). Then click on another random player to select number and none of the assigned numbers show up. Same happens when I click on the goalie who has number 1 - you can only see the number assigned to him. This happens on ever save every time I select numbers.
  12. Same problem here on an iPad Mini 2. the general moving around screens is laggy and glitchy with most buttons requiring a second press or the buttons you do press activating another page e.g trying to change the settings mid game or changing instructions/using shouts takes about 5 attempts as the game just keeps pausing and starting instead. Also when on the team selection screen any button you press, no matter how far away on the other side of the screen, the game always acts like you’ve pressed the continue button and tries to take you into the match.
  13. Thanks Alex appreciate you adding the link to the list 😁
  14. @Neil Brock Would be great to get confirmation from someone at SI on the compatibility list not being out until after game releases. im sure you can understand the problem that should someone’s device not be compatible (pretty concerned mine won’t be) that we then have to buy a new one after the game is already out. is there any chance the list could still be out before the game is?
  15. Thanks to SI for confirming the tablet compatibility for us in early December.... Not like the game comes out on the 1st and we will find out ourselves that our devices don’t work once the game is already out!!!
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