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  1. I plan to add pressure and pace for the next season because I have difficulty with the teams in my league waiting behind, but in the big teams it is difficult to overcome our defense. I am waiting for your comments, would highlighting the tempo and pressure make us weak against big teams?
  2. The scores I got for the rest of the season.Although we had a good season, we should not forget that I have a very high quality team compared to the teams in the league so I think there are deficiencies in tactics.Coming to the champions league, we just closed and waited for Brenner to write our fate.I cannot say that I am very satisfied with the game players' contribution to the score
  3. half-time update first tactic ; second tactic Our first tactic works the way we want, now I will reinforce some positions, I will share the final version with the PIs after fine tuning.thank you for your help
  4. There was a head-to-head game until 60 minutes, as 2 DM s the tactics were working better, because it was a friendly match, after I changed my entire squad, a little quality difference emerged. Because my number 11 player was injured early, she is well positioned in the image, but instead the player is in line with player number 13 The best suited for the Khedira role is volante, but dlp goes too far so I'll try a half back there. When I reviewed the arbeloa profile in the previous series, I thought it was more suitable for wb (d) and I will reduce some PI's
  5. I will try this too, thanks for your answers, after playing my Bayern Munich match, I will add the statistics about the tactics, even if there is a friendly match, we can create a preliminary opinion.
  6. Assuming I have made more than 100 Galatasaray careers, tonali is a name I can only get for the 2nd or 3rd time but brenner joined me in most of my careers after the first season.
  7. the final version of my tactic PIs; Bpd: Dribble more, Close down less Cd:Close down less Dms:Close down more, mark tighter IF:Roam from position, sit narrower, Close down more, mark tighter IW:Take more risk, stay wider, close down more , mark tighter CF:Close down more, mark tighter I am indecisive between volante and anchorman
  8. Thanks for the videos, it helped me change PI and roles.but I think I have some trouble with Özil's role.I am trying to establish a system similar to the Madrid formation.We're so lost in the amc role.Do you have any roles and PI recommendations for amc?
  9. Can you help me create something like jose mourinho 4-2-3-1 tactic. I'm trying to play with a duo at the 4-2-3-1 dm position, but I'm having some issues with Pl's and TI's. Can you help me?
  10. I'm trying to create a 4-2-3-1 sequence that generates a score, but we are very stuck with the systems I try and the game literally rides on the fullbacks. sorry for my bad english
  11. I am open to your suggestions in order to get maximum efficiency from the players I have.
  12. I tried to form a team that plays the system on the left by taking some of your PI as an example. I can get your feedback.
  13. Using Libero instead of 4-way defense provided more to build the system for ME because HB doesn't get enough between CDs
  14. Is it possible to share the 3-5-2 / 5-3-2 tactic and the PIs? I think of a similar system and I can edit it according to its tactic
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