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  1. 23 hours ago, Johnny Ace said:

    Runs on the ball often, gets forward whenever possible, tries killer balls, shoots from distance, anything for him that doesn't take away form your tactic, he can do it all!

    After getting ahead whenever possible, he started making incredible off-the-ball runs. His stats this season are unbelievable


  2. 3 minutes ago, CARRERA said:

    Bununla ne demek istediğinizden tam olarak emin değilim, ancak hangisini veya kaç talimatı seçerseniz seçin, ekibinize zaten zihniyetle gelen varsayılan bir talimat ön ayarı verilir. Hep birlikte, oluşumunuz, rolleriniz, görevleriniz, zihniyetiniz ve talimatlarınız sadece oyun tarzınızı belirleyecektir.

    Trequartista ve genel olarak Oyun Kurucular gibi oyuncuların daha yaratıcı özgürlükle oynamalarına izin verilir. Mantıklı olduğunda, taktik çerçevenizin dışında oynayacaklar.

    Ancak son yazımda Trequartista kullanarak nasıl bir ekip kuracağımı açıklamaya çalıştım. Nasıl bir oyun tarzı aradığınızı bilmediğim için size daha fazla öneride bulunamam.

    In fact, after the press line settings you suggested, without adding anything else, incredible opportunities began to be created between the poacher and the trequartista. Actually, I just want the other players to bring the ball to the trequartista. It's more important to me to stand firmer in defense.

  3. 9 hours ago, CARRERA said:

    If you are looking to build your tactic around a Trequartista, we need to understand which the strength and weaknesses of that role are. 

    In attacking phase, the Trequartista is a highly mobile, creative playmaker. He is both operating between the lines of midfield and defense, as well as making runs to overload the box occasionally. To make him the most effective, you need to create depth, to even further stretch the space between the lines and ideally pull central defenders out of position.

    How does this translate into the game: The best option is an attack duty striker to create depth who is instructed to move into channles to pull central defenders out of position. A support duty striker can also pull defenders out of position by dropping deep and moving into channels, but he will most likely operate in the same area of the pitch as the Trequartista and will compress the space between the lines rather than creating depth, which is not optimal.

    In defensive phase, the trequartista will press signifficantly less and stays on his feet. To make your system work defensively you need to create an environment which allows your team to complement the trequartista in his deefnsive behavior. It doesnt really make sense to look for a highly intensive press in a high block, if one of your upfield players is not participating. To the fact of the Trequartistas unwilligness for hard defensive work, you may look to implement a more intelligent approach where players rather contain and try to delay the others team attack while congesting space in front of their goal. 

    How does this translate into the game: This behavior can be implementet by a mid or lower defensive block and a lower pressing intensity. In addition to that you may also want your team to stay on feet to not risk any freekicks from dangerous positions. 

    Just one more general thing regarding your choice of mentality. Always keep in mind, which pre set settings come with your mentality. Unless you are looking to primarily defend / rest with the ball, you should at least go with a balanced mentality.


    The reasons you wrote are why I chose the trequartista role.. but I feel the role is restricted when I add Ti. Do you have any suggestions

  4. 10 hours ago, Experienced Defender said:

    It is primarily about the setup of roles and duties. Instructions are of secondary importance and come later. 

    Of all the 3 tactics you posted, only the 4231 looks decent in terms of roles and duties (apart from the attack duty for the keeper). However, the tight marking TI makes no sense in that kind of both formation and playing style.

    As a first tactic, I usually play with 4-2-3-1. I am not sure about the roles in others. In 4-2-3-1, when I use the instruction while having the ball, I feel it loses its effectiveness. Do you have any Ti suggestions for this line-up?

  5.                                                                DLF(at)

                                      IF(s)                                                      IW(s)

                                                      RPM(s)               MEZ(s)


                                     WB(s)       CD(d)               CD(d)          WB(s)


    I will also add the TIs I use when I turn on the pc, even though I have minor problems, I am productive.

  6. image.thumb.png.f536c50a023677764e1b57c792fba198.png


    FB: Take fewer risk, cut inside with ball, hold position, sit narrower, close down less

    BPD(stopper): Drible more, close down more

    BPD(cover): Hold position,close down less  mark tighter

    IWB: Close down more, tackle harder , mark tighter , mark spesific position (AMR)

    Winger: Close down more, mark tighter, mark spesific position (DR)

    CMat: Stay wider, close down more, mark tihgter, mark spesific position (MCR)

    CMdef: Dribble Less

    IWsu: Shoot more often, stay wider

    F9s: Roam from position, close down more , mark tighter , mark spesific position (DCL and DCR) move into channels*(I'm not sure about choosing to move into channels)


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