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  1. I feel that I am getting closer with this tactic, but it may be necessary to add PIs to some players. PIs: CD: stay wider W(a):Shoot less often mark left back IF(s):shoot less often mark right back roam from position get further forward If you have ideas for PIs and TIs, I'd love to see
  2. it has some problems in producing i haven't tried to drop the blocks but more asymmetrical setups may make more sense I haven't worked on it too much
  3. I tried it before and I felt that I approached it mostly with these formations. I'm not very good at pi and ti, but you can observe and shape 3-4 matches in 2d and full
  4. I don't care about possession, I want to attack larger areas with fast attacks so it's actually better for me to have the ball on the opponent
  5. The problem is that from time to time I leave the ball completely to the opponent, like balls thrown behind the defence, things that have no continuity. I have a hard time creating a position against very closed teams and I have a hard time creating a position against teams that are equal or stronger than us.
  6. I start the match with standard pressure lines, I change according to the opponent's game.I moved the lines forward a bit because my last match was against a weaker opponent than me
  7. In fact, after the press line settings you suggested, without adding anything else, incredible opportunities began to be created between the poacher and the trequartista. Actually, I just want the other players to bring the ball to the trequartista. It's more important to me to stand firmer in defense.
  8. The reasons you wrote are why I chose the trequartista role.. but I feel the role is restricted when I add Ti. Do you have any suggestions
  9. As a first tactic, I usually play with 4-2-3-1. I am not sure about the roles in others. In 4-2-3-1, when I use the instruction while having the ball, I feel it loses its effectiveness. Do you have any Ti suggestions for this line-up?
  10. I want to control the ball, but sometimes I can't be productive. How can I get closer to Peps barcelona
  11. DLF(at) IF(s) IW(s) RPM(s) MEZ(s) HB(de) WB(s) CD(d) CD(d) WB(s) SK(s) I will also add the TIs I use when I turn on the pc, even though I have minor problems, I am productive.
  12. I'm trying to play fm21 on the same lineup, but I'm skeptical about the instructions. Any suggestions for fm21?
  13. It works well against equally strong teams and 4-2-3-1 play out defence opponents, but I prefer using a classic 4-2-3-1 against teams that prefer long passes.
  14. PIs: FB: Take fewer risk, cut inside with ball, hold position, sit narrower, close down less BPD(stopper): Drible more, close down more BPD(cover): Hold position,close down less mark tighter IWB: Close down more, tackle harder , mark tighter , mark spesific position (AMR) Winger: Close down more, mark tighter, mark spesific position (DR) CMat: Stay wider, close down more, mark tihgter, mark spesific position (MCR) CMdef: Dribble Less IWsu: Shoot more often, stay wider F9s: Roam from position, close down more , mark tighter , mark spesific position
  15. I evaluated your suggestions and prepared these 2 tactics to use raumdeuter on the right and left sides. Not sure about d-line and loe. Sometimes I get stuck because my opponents parked on the bus
  16. I want to employ these 2 stars in these roles, even though they are old for 2033, but I am not sure about the team instructions and my right home midfielder role.
  17. I want Pep Guardiola Barcelona to play like Alves in both of their wb and I have doubts about the roles of dmc and fc
  18. It is possible to see the triangles and rectangles from this map in the champions league final.
  19. After watching some replays precisely, I saw my team dribbling excessively and behaving against possession, as a result I tried to change midfield roles and eventually came to a system where we create a quadrilateral and triangles. Ball control is our top priority. I am open to development ideas and comments only inside forwards have these PIs
  20. I tried to set this with PIs actually plays in a narrower area and has get further forward additions I set the defense pressure line as standard after playing a little more and it worked a bit more I'm using the 2 PIs you suggested and added it on the shot I'll try it
  21. translateI like both having the ball and seeing my wingbacks more aggressive like a winger, but even if my opponent is a big team, I always see shots hitting the opponent when I enter the penalty area .Actually, I want to create a system close to the dani alves model of barcelon used on both sides, but I think I cannot get the necessary movements from my front 3, so it is more important for me to get your ideas about the front three instead of the general team setup. Thanks for your comments so far. And some of my champions league matches
  22. I made my wb hit the line and I am happy with my offensive line-up, but I have difficulty scoring from the flowing game
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