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  1. Spot on I've played a 442 pfa and cfs since the start of fm 21. Any other tactic I put together just isn't as potent and I always end up going back to the 442. In real life top teams don't often play with 2 strikers as you lose control of midfield. In fm seems to be the opposite and is extremely OP.
  2. You can have 3 loaded tactics in slots above on your tactic screen
  3. I use dcl as a pfa with a cfs. Dcl has more goals than games in the past 3 seasons. Playing 442 with a winger and a wide playmaker
  4. Have you tried Jorginho as a bwm defend duty?. I dont see him more than that under Tuchel so far and has worked well for me with Kovacevic as a bbm. Not sure bbm replicates Kovacevic 100% but gets results. I also use a wide 3 in attack.
  5. The problem with 3 cbs in fm are they just aren't dynamic enough. The outside cbs normally go into other half and join with the wbs. Far too static to replicate how chelsea play and most other teams play with 3 cbs in the real world.
  6. How about tuchel at Chelsea with his 3 centre backs and 1 and sometimes 2 floating number 10s?
  7. I have a son in game hes now 21 and is 3rd choice cm in my 2 man midfield. Its the first time I've had a son in game since 8 started playing cm/fm all those years ago. Also helps that he's pretty good 👍
  8. Exactly I had the same striker scores 42 goals in 37 games but gets a rating between 7.3 and 7.5, ridiculous
  9. I've had Calvert Lewin score 42 league goals in 37 games, yet only achieved an average rating of 7.30 so there is definitely something wrong with that!
  10. Hope you can finally get promoted, its been a long slog for you. You've inspired me to start a youth academy challenge with deportivo la coruna, really enjoying it so far
  11. I'm playing as Everton using a 442 with wide playmaker on one wing and a winger on the other a pressing forward on attack and a complete forward on support. Calvert Lewin scored 38 in 37 league appearances. This season he has 4 in 4 playing as the pressing forward, try it out
  12. Yeah I've had it a couple of times, for obvious reasons it only happens with regens
  13. I've scored plenty but then I do play with 2 wingers and 2 strikers, one of which is a target man with ti float crosses. Are you set up to score headers?
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