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  1. Fair enough, I must have bads scouts then because they saw no room for improvement on Deyna. Of course my opinions are 100% biased and shouldn't be taken too seriously but seeing how Deyna, Lato and a few others players almost single handingly won two World Cup bronze medals for a otherwise mediocre national team I'd reckon they deserved a CA/PA around ~190. Having seen most of the world cup games replayed on the telly I'd reckon Lato deserves a work rate and teamwork around the 18-20 mark, he gave absolutely everything for his team and made countless of assist from sheer work rate. Even read
  2. Some of the Polish players are seriously underestimated. Kazimierz Deyna (midfielder), the best footballer in Polish history with a record off 41 goal in 97 national games , is worse than the likes of Kevin Nolan. Then we have Grzegorz Lato (winger) who was the heart in the Polish side that finished third in World Cup 74 & 82 (in 74 he was the tournament's top scorer) and did end up scoring 45 goals in 104 games throughout his international career though, he has shocking attributes. I'm guessing this might be because the Polish Legends never achieved much in domestic football but that was
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