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  1. Is it possible in fm 21 to edit prize money or tv money for a competition (ie serie a or FA Cup). I am not seeing a field for that.
  2. I understand your reasoning, I just don't find it carries any weight. If somebody writes a blog post celebrating countries that have, for example, positive human rights history, by your logic they're slandering every country they left out and shouldn't do that. I think that logic is just silly.
  3. I've always found the key to this is having a formation that doesn't use an AMC. 4-4-2, 4-5-1, etc. Make that DM useless.
  4. Sure, but reread my first post: I am thinking about *histories*. Barcelona, for example, has a very unique and specific history of being anti-fascist.
  5. If you want your wingbacks more engaged on attack, try using a halfback.
  6. Because anti-fascism and anti-racism should be celebrated, even in small ways.
  7. I've been using a 3-4-2-1 in lower leagues. f9/s am/a - am/a dw/s - dw/s sv/s - a/d dc/d - dc/d - dc/d I use pis to vary, so I'll have one dw getting forward and the other roaming, one am holding the ball, the other pressing less. It's been very defensively solid, but has occasionally struggled to get goals.
  8. Hi all I'm compiling a list of teams that have notable histories of either antifascist or antiracist activities or fan bases. So far, I have: St. Pauli Barcelona Partizan Minsk Besiktas NK Zagreb Bohemians 1905 Arsenal Kiev Celtic Livorno Vallecano Feel free to reply with suggestions to add.
  9. Two related questions: Is it possible to remove a team from the initial Champions League or Europa League play, and swap them out for someone else? ie replace Man City with, say, West Ham? Second, is it possible using the editor to ban a team from Europe for a year or more? Sorry if this is already asked and answered elsewhere, I did search but couldn't find anything.
  10. Just 3 games for us in June: We advance in the Kupogi with a 3-1 aggregate win, then pile on FK AGMK's misery with a 2-0 league win. Our long undefeated stretch comes screeching to a halt against Paxtakor, however, as they kick our asses. We don't get a shot on goal, and it could have been much worse than 0-2.
  11. Atletico beats Man U for the UEFA final at Wembley: Man U continues to dominate the EPL. Sunderland made it back to the top, but lasted just one season: Juventus wins again: Dortmund wins the Bundesliga: PSG continues to dominate Ligue 1:
  12. May is another great month for us. We win all our league matches except 2, drawing away against league power Lokomotiv Toshkent, and a disappointing draw against relegation candidate Qizilqum. We're now comfortably in first place.
  13. A perfect April sees us at the top of the table: The Paxtakor match was the game of the year so far: Down 2-0 at the half, we score 3 unanswered in the second half to get the win. The tactic has evolved quite a bit: DF/s is set to move in channels. Weirdly, the poacher role is getting buckets of *assists*. Not sure if that's a small sample size or an oddity of the setup. We've been dominating possession and looking impenetrable at times.
  14. March comes in like a lion: Lokomotiv Toshkent is the favorite to finish first. We beat them 3-1 in our third match to get our first win; that's a big deal. Otherwise we start off treading water, scoring just 2 goals in our other 3 league matches, and scraping by 1-0 against a 3rd tier team for our first Cup match.
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