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  1. Thanks to everyone who responded, some great points re the 'younger' crowd not using these forums etc. This is just a snap poll before I dig deeper into it but brilliant to get so many replies/responses, much appreciated! I'm sure I'll be on again soon to link in on further topics
  2. Thanks for all the responses so far! Very interested in the fact that nobody was a first-time-player with FM20, and nobody is under 20. I started playing in 97/98, I cant imagine what it feels like to be a new player to FM... all those stats...
  3. Hi everyone, I'm currently completing a Masters in e-Learning, and I'm using Football Manager as my assignment topic; creating an e-learning course for new players to the series. For the 'needs assessment', I need to try and source what the audience is for FM games, and how many players are new to the series. Would you mind submitting your answers for the questions below? Thanks!
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