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  1. I can see that now, the thought behind it was to stretch play but as you say it contradicts its self. to keep the idea of possession could I fix this a) by keeping the width and setting passing to a more standard passing and moving mentality to cautious, or b) keeping the passing short and narrowing the width to normal or narrow ? and with the latter if in game its to congested in the middle I could up the passing and width I'm thinking if needed. re the overload I will try that just two quick questions, would the RB by moving him to a wingback be better kept as an attacking setting or support ? by switching my MCR & MCL roles around the CMa I've asked him to move into channels would that mean that both him and the IF be attacking the same space and that's something else I would need to watch and consider? Many thanks for your advice much appreciated.
  2. Thank you @GianniM they were some fantastic threads written by you guys and others, I learnt alot . One thing I've realized before any attempt to make any tactic I had to focus on what style or brand of football I wanted to play by me team. This was a very thoughtful process as my knowledge of mangers is as broad as it is wide, From Pep to Jose, Big Sam to Jorge Jesus,Sean Dyche to Cryuff's total football, each style of play intrigues and delights me at the work they put in to make a success of how they have set there team to play. Eventually I narrowed down my style to two, Jose from his early days at Porto and Chelsea or Luis Van Gaal and his time at Manchester United. It was the latter i choose my style and very much looked at possession football building patiently through the lines with the intent of holding on to the ball if an obvious chance was unable to be created, using the wide men as penetrating the defensive third of the opposition in creating space to bring the midfield up into a position to create openings turning into chances. after doing a bit more home work I quickly realized that to try and recreate another managers work I needed more knowledge of the game and what I'm trying to recreate , so instead I've settled on a possession football approach keeping my 4-1-4-1dm wide preferred formation . and in what I've learnt through advice and what I've read I think I'm starting to get a base I can both learn from and start to develope once I'm able to improve the playing squad to fit the roles I think are a good base to start from. (At this point I had intended screenshots to be here then a short explanation behind the thought process but I haven't quite figured out how to do this as there are appearing below my text to I will explain each one up here) So the first one was designed to play out the back and build my way up the pitch, As most of my forward men are right footed I envisaged over loading the right flank leaving space on the left for my IF to attack into. after watching two games a couple of things stood out like my FB on the left side wasn't getting far enough forward to support the flank so I added PI get further forward and stay wide, Also my CMa wasn't getting as forward as I hoped and getting beyond my striker so I told him to move into channels. another couple of games passed and it wasn't quite right, so I moved onto tweaking It and as the second image shows I changed a role on my LB and removed WBIB (This is something I look to put on during the game depending on what I'm seeing as I wanted to start with a bit of freedom in creating chances and watching what is happening and acting accordingly) and set the tempo higher to standard setting, (i know I've changed mentality to but I will come on to that.) This system seems to have more balance to it, but it doesn't quite create many clear cut chances yet. is that something that will come with more Tactical familiarity or I just need to do more tweaking ? I understand mentality much better and I certainly don't fear it anymore, and I adapt it before a game and/or during depending on the opposition, and what is unfolding on the pitch. This is why I also start with standard lines of defense and LOE as I watch very carefully the first ten minutes before setting this during the game as I know coupled with my mentality setting at any given time the base LOE and DL also shift depending on my teams mentality. That and the idea (after reading @Experienced Defenderfantastic work on defensive principles) that I wanted to have my team compact so if i move one line up or down the other goes with it in the same direction. Its not perfect but its a start I think I'm going in the right direction in what I'm learning and just wanted to share with you guys that I've read, understood and implemented what is the direction I want to go
  3. @GianniM @sporadicsmiles @Experienced Defender Firstly can I start by thanking you all for taking the time to respond in such great detail and depth. Reading through each reply I can see a trap I have fallen into in thinking a formation is a set tactic and style, but after reading each bit (i must admit several times just to digest what was being said and so I could better understand the knowledge you were passing on) I feel more equipped in understanding that to build a tactic, a formation is just part of a jigsaw, and should be given the same thought process as evaluating your squad and roles to blend into, that along with instructions over time to use to define the style of play i envisage that at first the squad can play in based on their quality's and limitations. I feel more comfortable now that though not always at first, the squad may not be able to play a style I want or would like this can be achieved over a longer period and looking at the bigger picture planning ahead to accomplish this. As with team mentality, again reading what has been said I am much more confident in this area. first i will just watch a few games on each setting without instructions to better understand each setting, but i don't feel as daunted by this and now realize again its almost like another instruction in the bigger picture. Doing this along with what has been said I feel better understanding now that defensive doesn't necessarily mean defensive football, likewise attacking doesn't just mean attack there is more to it and I look forward to testing these out. With finding the right blend and roles that compliment a style, and how the players transition their movement and the ball, as well as how i can see and imagine how the team could play and to put the ball in the net (after reading your own knowledge), one thing I have taken away is the need to understand each individual role and how they play and interact with each other to find how I would use that in balancing a winning formula, as personally I would never have thought about using a false nine because again my own thought process was he would just drop deep and get in the way. It never entered my head to think about utilizing him to create space or work in tandem to move the opposition around. This is where I can see that I never evolved with the game and just chased tactics to plug and play. I think just today FM retweeted a post from Miles and one thing they have added to fm21 is when you select a role a short animation plays to show how a player would sort of act in the chosen role which I think I personally would benefit from. And finally, thank you for pointing out that I am showing signs of using ever gaining knowledge in beginning to understand aspects of the game and interpret this information in a bigger picture on identifying things the squad couldn't do ref pressing. the fact you all took your time to answer this bit has been encouraging as honestly I hesitated in putting this up, thinking i would be told to give up your wrong don't bother you don't know what your saying, so again thank you all so much and if in the future i'm stuck I feel more comfortable in asking for help. again thank you all so much i'm very appreciative. @Deego619 just wanted to thank you as even the littlest thing can make sense so much.
  4. I just wanted to start with a short history so hopefully you can understand where I’m coming from. I’ve played this game for over ten years but have been away, the reason I stopped playing was I couldn’t get my tactics to work so over fm18,19 I chased tactics from other people and when things didn’t work I fell out with the game so didn’t buy last years game. I understand now I didn’t evolve with the game when the developers improved it I didn’t, so I’ve been doing my homework and studying all of the game from some fantastic threads on this forum, to sharpen myself up and get used to the mechanics of the game I’ve been practicing with the fm20 demo after Pre purchasing fm21. As I said I’ve already learnt a lot from other threads and I’m not looking for someone to build a tactic for me but instead reading first my thoughts and hopefully extending to some useful tips and the final part is just a few questions to understand parts of the game I’m not used too. starting a new game would you a) once you picked a team set up a tactic you would prefer to play and perfect it or b) play a completely different tactic because it best suits your squad? For example my preferred formation has always been the 4141dm wide . Would you put this in and adjust roles to suit the current players at your disposal, possibly sacrificing your preferred style or get the players to start using your way and use training to improve them better to play your desired way? some advice I’m looking for with the 4141dm wide is some advice for attacking. Again reading other threads I now understand pairs and combinations but I can never visualise the attacking side of my team, for example what I first think about is I like to think first of as we go forward as a team/unit if we lose the ball have I got initially enough back to cover the start of a counter attack, and this is where I like to think about having my dm as a dm/half back staying just in front of my cb’s. depending on the side we are attacking I would try to get the opposite fall back to just be a bit more cautious in his advance movement again to be ready to be better defensively positioned while others then join in after losing the ball. going forward I would like to play a possession game and would rather than play an expressive style be more methodical patiently working an opening allowing my players to move around to create space to exploit or others too. Having the right roles and TI’s I’m still learning and I’ve never used PI because I simply don’t understand how it works when put together with the base set of instructions used within the tactic as a whole. Is this something I need to understand more and use more? I would be really appreciative if I could be pointed in a direction as to where I can learn team mentality, I understand when changing this it changes mentality of roles like support and attacking etc but I’m more after how do I learn what mentality I should be looking to use depending on the team etc and to fit in with my desired way of playing. It really baffles me this particular bit. Finally just a bit of help needed to understand a new aspect I’m not sure about. So in the demo the board desired I play pressing football, but after analysing the squad I noticed it was the weakest in the league for teamwork and work rate so I didn’t feel the squad could play that way . Is that a misconception on my behalf of looking at it or was I not looking at the squad report and league comparison right ?
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