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  1. This kind of post is pretty stupid, he has explained time and time again.
  2. Oh dear someone rattled your cage, you have a few posts more than the rest of us and you think you can tell us what to do
  3. There are a lot of SI staff logged into the forums, I don't know if that's normal for this time of night but it shows that they are not keeping to office hours
  4. People work all hours available when a new product is about to be released
  5. Don't cha just hate it when people pop in after the fact and say I told you so.
  6. No one from SI is going to say yes to this are they. My guess is that we will be still able to mod our games, SI are not stupid.
  7. Oh dear people are saying some pretty disparaging stuff about this thread and some of its posters in the OTF Football Manager 2021 Thread. Some people have had a sense of humour bi pass me thinks.
  8. I got my code in September when I brought the game, it's all ready to be downloaded when the go ahead is given
  9. #love #movie #travolta #jealous #jealousy #oldies #sayings #moviequotes
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