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  1. Cerber v5 still works like a charm for FM21. Once the team is fully gelled, you'll smash everyone. Media prediction 5th and after 23 games i'm 17 points aheaad.
  2. I hope that TFF will make a tactic for FM21. I truly think he's the best tactic creator of football manager. Been managing Dinamo Bucharest for about 12 seasons and won everything making a team of domestic players among the 5 best teams in the world. Needed a new challange and took over Bari from Serie C. I won promotion back to back and Seria A champion in 3rd year with a team that should've, based on the players i had, fiercely battle against relegation. Don't know how many succeded this but if you really want to fell the thrill and emotions of football manager, take Bari from Seri
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