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  1. boooooooooooooooooooooring anyway these are files where I manually solved the national rules, they only work for real calendars cheers Real Fixtures 2020.2021 v1.4.rar
  2. no fight, only I can't stand presumptuous people who stand up as champions of absolute truth and arrogantly pose as if theirs were the only right thing to do. I get the blood in my head when I encounter these kinds of elements. And here I close back to serious things, nothing has been resolved
  3. moreover this part of the forum is called "Football Manager 2021 Bugs Forum" but in the fantastic world of BedeviledEgg everything is working. Unicorns thought of it together with gnomes and fairies with the magical formula bididibodidboooh and the bug is gone there as a spell.
  4. doing a quick lap seems to have been fixed only England edit : only in standard mode, if you switch to advanced mode other errors appear .... bah
  5. from what I know, but don't take it for absolute truth because I'm not very expert, to add the lower leagues that are not active you have to switch to advanced mode for this I took it for granted
  6. Real fixtures are fully tested and functional in the game, other things I don't know. Calendars are created in standard editor mode maybe that's why they work , while what you do is in advanced mode.
  7. For now I have fixed the rules in these counties (but I only use them for real fixtures which are fully functional in game, so I don't know if other things would create problems)
  8. i use this system, and for me all files are aviable in game when start a new career
  9. I already apologize if the question is stupid ..... but did you go to the beginning of the document before doing the search by clicking with the mouse at the top of the list? The lines involved are still a lot so you should use replace not find
  10. if in your .xml file opened with notepad you do not find this line, your problem is probably another
  11. I tried this system with my agents and media files created from scratch with the fm20 editor and it worked. more I can't tell you, it's a solution that posted a forum mod
  12. you replace all lines <large id="db_unique_id" value="-1"/> ? in my files is all working
  13. hi guys prove this - open the .fmf file in fm20 editor - export in format .xml - open the xml with notepad - find this line (there are so many throughout the document) -----> <large id="db_unique_id" value="-1"/> - REPLACE ALL to this (there is the appropriate command in notepad) ----> <large id="db_unique_id" value="4294967297"/> - save the file in notepad - open FM21 editor and import the .XML - SAVE in .fmf file all this procedure for every single file you need , is working
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