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  1. They don't. That's one of the reasons this is a very poorly thought thing in the game. In the past, on a different note, the game didn't know why a manager was spotted in international games. They changed it on fm21, now the media knows a manager is there to watch their own players. I hope a similar fix will come to the contract fiasco
  2. Sad. That's a poorly thought feature in the game. Some managers, like players, just choose to leave a club by the end of their contracts, and they do it gracefully. The resignation on football manager represents only the bad aspects of such a move - like press questions about the relationship of the board and mass staff exodus.
  3. Is there a way to leave a club without a resignation? If I resign, the press asks about possible bad things in the background, even though I'm just tired from the job or want a new challenge. If the contract expires, I'm still in the club. There seems to be no way to leave a club in good terms.
  4. Not even once on fm15 to 20, but now on fm21 every player who has extreme bravery and pressure comes out lol
  5. In real football, a carrilero is a player who occupies the carril (flanks), a very wide position where he or she goes up and down the pitch, always backed by 3 central defenders. He or she is always in the wide positions of a midfield of 4 or 5 players. In the game, the Carrilero would be the wide midfielder or winger, but why? Why he isn't the Carrilero? I've seen people use Kante and Pogba on Carrilero roles, which is an abomination - simply because this role position isn't in the right place. These are carrileros: Achraf, Darmian, Ashley Young, Perisic at Inter. Gosens, Maehle, Hateboer at Atalanta. Mukiele, Haidara, Adams, Angeliño at Leipzig. Nuno Mendes and Pedro Porro at Sporting CP. Most people don't use this role in their tactics because they say it's a tricky one. With the rise of attacking 3-4-3/3-5-2 formations, it's time for the developers to fix the Carrilero role. The wing back role doesn't really reflects what the Carrilero is either, because he or she is mostly a midfielder player who often goes far up the pitch, not essentially a defender, although they must be capable of performing these duties. Maybe it would be nice if wing backs were allowed to be placed in the midfield? Because that's what a carrilero is.
  6. It's almost like those YouTube saves where people have 5 keepers but none on the bench
  7. I want to make a minor change: 3 from 7 subs to 5 from 12. But once I save the file and try to run the test, I always face this error. No matter what I do while editing Brazil's rules, always the same. Even when I just open advanced rules, save as a test file and run the test. Always this:
  8. Can you tell me how we're you able to change the subs rule? I've been trying to do it for the Brazilian leagues and so far I'm unable to get it right
  9. I think this is an easy issue to fix. B-teams generally play in lower divisions, so you need to have them loaded, or at least as view-only. This way your b-team will function normally.
  10. I'm running this test with edited players. My intent was to see how well the AI system copes with that. Apart from the obvious results like high amout of goals scored and few conceded, the rating system hates strikers! I have this duo who score 5+ goals every game but they never get a POM award. It happened too with a normal save, despite Haaland being the absolute goalscorer, Neymar was the one who got all the POM praise. So, are key passes more valuable then goals on fm21?
  11. had this too. 4th season in the game, only two games left to play (last matchday in tthe league and ucl final). none of the backup files won't load. a joke
  12. Hi. First of all, I would highly recommend you to use a tactic name "Concerto". This is not only the best 4-2-4 tactic I've ever used, but also my favorite fm20 tactic. This tactic is also amazing for the youth teams. The original tactic uses a BBM and an AP, but I find it better to use a deep lying playmaker and a mezzala on attack. With a team like Barça, you would score an insane amount of goals. But, sadly, I don't think you would ever succeed at Barça using a 4-2-4. Against top opposition you'll always end up heavily out-possesed. Even against inferior teams, you'll never be able to have more than 55% of the ball. Most goals will come from long balls out of the defense or counters, goalkeepers will have 2-3 assists by the end of the season. I use a DLP and Mezzala to have a little more of the ball. If you can bend the board to not play a possession based game, you'll be amazed by this formation. Messi can easily end the season with 70-80+ goals.
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