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  1. I lost 7-3 in the Mickey Mouse cup as others have called it. Playing as League two Cambridge away to League One Coventry. Figured we'd get beat so put a load of kids on, told them there was no pressure but sent them all gung-ho and that was the result.
  2. Ah, no. Nothing there. That'll be why they haven't said anything I guess. Thanks dafuge.
  3. Actually, I know I am but bear with me. Playing in my first season as a new save and under-performed. Meeting with the board saying I had to achieve 8 points in my first 5 games of the new season or I was fired. Fair enough and I did. Actually, I did it in 4 games but that's not the point. The point is that the board has said nothing. Nada. Not a thing. I would have thought some sort of message would have been coming from them saying I'd done what they asked, maybe some congratulations and best wishes for the rest of the season. Just nit-picking but find it odd that there has been nothing from silence from them.
  4. I'm just reading Harry Redknapp's autobiography and in one chapter, he describes how the then manager, Ron Greenwood would go and watch the youth team, even at one point blowing off a first team match for a youth cup away game at Wolves and how it made him feel ten feet tall as the manager really cared about the kids. I know the option is there to attend the youth games but I'd like to see it make an actual difference to the players on the day. Perhaps there's a player close to the first team who puts in a proper performance because he knows you're there or another who has loads of potential who goes missing under the spotlight of the first team manager watching. Or even it helps the player add you to their favourite personnel list because you care enough about the youth team to go and watch them on a cold, rainy night in Stoke.
  5. Just an idea for future games. I know it's impossible, given changes to the database structure / match engine etc. to have move saves from one year to the next but what about the option to export your reputation and profile to import into the future versions? That way, instead of starting from scratch each time with your supposed past history, you can have it already there. I'm not suggesting that your entire history is there (although I'm sure this could be done too), merely a series of reps. ie "World Class" all the way down to "Failed at every level" as well as your all your stats.
  6. Thanks very much everyone. The budget isn't ridiculously large but will cover an i5 and 8Gb RAM.
  7. Hey everyone. Can someone please tell me (or point me in the right direction) of what's needed to get a decent speed of game going on FM15? My (self-built) PC is now 7 years old and running Windows XP so I want to get a decent one and the only game I'll play for any great length of time is FM but I'd like to be able to run a good number of leagues (between 15 and 20) with at least the medium database. What sort of system do I want to be building for myself here? Any tips?
  8. Apologies if this is already in here (I still play FM11 until my kids are a bit more grown up and I actually get time to properly play) but I've just had a bid accepted by my chairman for my best player. I know it happens in real life but I'd like an option to talk to him and tell him my disgust at the paltry offer he accepted (or just my disgust at it anyway) and even go so far as threaten to resign if the bid goes through.
  9. I have two right backs. Both are equally good and get a good share of playing time. One of them was recently sent off (2 yellows in a very impressive 8 minutes) so I was asked the "given his ill discipline...." question and answered it with "it might be best if he sat out a few matches" knowing I had a perfectly good player to come in. Next match..... said player gets injured and is out for 3 weeks. I know it's completely random but some things you just have to chuckle at. Well I do. You may not.
  10. Traditionally a keeper but I like to sign youngsters and develop them so rather than stall a players development if he is (or has the potential) to be as good as the player in demand, out with the old, in with the new.
  11. Decision made. I decided to save the club £200k and have him accept mutual termination. For a laugh, I did try to re-sign him but he wasn't interested. Who knew?
  12. Thanks everyone. I'd never do this regarding a game played (results always stand regardlass of how badly we lost) but I saved the game, offered him mutual termination and he accepted at half of what it would have been if I'd just ended his contract then saw the reaction. The team wasn't really that bothered though the fans were understandibly upset so I didn't save after and left it at the pre-save stage. Still don't know what to do. lol.
  13. Good idea. Unfortunately, "My client is not interested in negotiations with your club."
  14. Advice from fellow managers please. I'm managing Derby in League One. I have a 33 year old striker who has been my top scorer for the past two seasons, is naturally loved by the fans and, according to my staff is the third best striker in the squad. The problem is that he is by far my highest wage earner (£9500p/w compared to £5750p/w for my next player) and I'm going to ask the board to build / improve the youth facilities. The other issue is, over the summer, I signed some young talent all with potential to be as good as, if not better than him. In fact, I have a total of 7 decent (or will be decent) strikers and to develop them, I don't think this guy is going to get a lot of game time. I've tried offering him to clubs for nothing (he's only worth £30k) but no takers. I realise I could keep him around to tutor the youngsters but he's earning a lot of money just to do that. Thoughts? Ideas? What would you do in my situation? Thanks.
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