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  1. Typical that amongst Singapore now-extended lockdown "work from home is default" rules - today is a day I am in the office. Normally on a WFH home day I used to have small work laptop, and FM on other screen allday. Before boring of it. But now 22 to begrudgingly play
  2. If I was a gif person, and I am not so inclined in that way, then I think a James Franco noose fits perfectly. This is SI.
  3. Did somebody say this same thread had 80ish pages last year? I wonder if a correlation between feature release where biggest is new role for CB and reduction of interest.
  4. Although what people is wanting is always relative to what they haves, I think the 2017 screenshot probably answer this fairly clearly for most people (although yes some people will want fifa). I want that (with 2021/2022 match engine). For me, no not crowd expression. Or your chance there hyperbole. But realistic lighting and grass not like a carpet, in a stadium which is looking even passably like a real stadium, so not just 3 different outfits, not pitch side picnic tables in UK wide stadiums, and not more exit tunnels. In truth, although I have been unhappy with fm graphic changes since the increasing "graphicalisation" of fm faces and etc, board rooms etc, I had 100% forgotten how good 2017 was (Match graphic only) and now I'm sad.
  5. A lot of talk about graphics. Like many posters I don't understand graphics engines and systems, although the backward progression is clear. But is it a necessary element of graphics that entire crowd wears one of 3 colors?
  6. Thank you. Sorry I had looked on FM website and only saw the Steam/Epic bit, but maybe didn't look properly. I now see FANATICAL are there, and I agree that actual 3rd party cd keys are contemptuous
  7. is FANATICAL an approved beta lister? Or is the list just steam/epic etc and then SI don't care who sells steam key and all depends when they give you it? Thank you
  8. On a contrary side - I think that even with Sunday league you get way too good job offers too much. I think they have boosted Sunday league to stop complainers. There should be another rep which is like = to the lowest rep manageable club in your game. I used to think Sunday league was this, but it obvious isnt. Even if when you choose it a warning comes up says 'are you sure you want to do this'- still have it in game.
  9. I understand why you having this in game for FFP - as many casual FM people would fight you if they failed FFP. I also understand why it is in game from a realism perspectiveness (kind of) as some clubs have tried these kind of things. However, my Wycombe team should not be doing it. No takeover so still same non-moneybags board. No dodgy links to Asian sports drinks. If my management makes them fail FFP - let me fail FFP. If I'm PSG and my managing makes it fail FFP - fine have a Gulf Sports drink, but not at same-board gamestart Wycombe.
  10. If I understand 'freezeframe' correct I have same thing as stutter on a very high end pc. For me though unlike you it is just after I've alt-tabbed to something like spotify. Until that first alt-tab it runs wonderful. After that, like I'm playing on old laptop. Changing settings quality down doesn't have any noticeable effect.
  11. Commendable stance and approaches from SI. Will be fascinating see how approach the politicial minefield of approaching the differing stats, systems and plays. That said even Miles press release contains many (correct) statements to make kinds of sjw very mad, so I impressed he is so far driving a freight train of a very logical "centrist" approach. Funny he will be called sjw for inclusion women football step, yet the text of release is anathema to student activist reactionary (idiot) types. Personally I would have quite enjoyed keeping all systems the same and giving the women 2s and 3s for many physical/technical attributes (bearing in mind the benchmark is mens pros) although no actual reason for massive difference in mental attributes. More for the drama though, as i appreciate that would both be inflammatory and, for the some of the reasons raised by Miles, inaccurate.
  12. Hmm yes good point I probably call up squad player from Hibernian instead!
  13. The Portsmouth u18 website page down, presumably to stop people seeing profiles of offenders
  14. I actually saw Carol Codwalloder? who i normally really like retweet a tweet which said what Chiellini did was racist. Sorry just checked can see she's deleting it dint know who was originally
  15. I agree Saka had a poor game, much as I very very like him. Although I agree about rashford and Sancho. Rashford in particular was stripped and ready about 5 mins before but refs wouldn't let the change when e.g an out Italy thrown in. I actually wondered a bit if Italy would deliberately pass ball only in defence to end game without subs but eventually counter attack and got corner. Whether even that would be enough time though. Probably not.
  16. As someone very looking forward to celebrating joy of England losing I feel stolen. Cannot take joy in that of the type I hoped. 3 young black men left exposed by poor management before a support which has a vile racist element, and an even bigger section which if not racist racist still turns to racist insults. Not to mention elements of England politics happy Rashford misses given the political problems he makes for them by being a decent man. What a scorched earth outcome for everyone bar Italians. Very frustrating.
  17. International commentary attacking MgGinn for falling for foul in 'premier league style' but unlike other times that was a guaranteed freekcick. Crazy refereeing, guess he just couldn't forget he saw O'Donnell revenge
  18. Croatia might need second gear after all
  19. Real SOD has returned. After looking ok level versus England looks like park player again today same as Czechia. But was right to keep him in after England. Howfin' they say?
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