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  1. I am one of those posting saying too easy. I also just got destroyed 9-0 in La Liga Cup semi final second game tie leg round after victory over them 4-3 in previous leg round by Athletico Madrid - with same tactic I use every game. As set out in my previous posts, every game my players warn me tactic leaves exposed at back. Most games I'm correct. Today they are correct!
  2. The snowy/frosted pitch cover design art is again in FM game many times more snowy/frosted than any top division top rank league game has been in about 15 years. Can anyone show me picture of la liga teams on white frosted pitch?
  3. Me too. In this case, its by trying to encourage the developers towards making the game better.
  4. I guess it will depend on leagues loaded, but is anyone finding Sudan and French Guiana just dont appoint a manager for years? I even added and retired a human but no
  5. Sad to see such gatekeeping snobbery. "any true FM fan knows to only buy players born on leap year days". Yes OK well done. The whole point we post writers are been making is that we dont want to need to .
  6. Onni Valkari now has his first Finland cap. Even if you cannot put the cap in the game, please now declare him for Finland, as he is playing for Scotland in my game which is no longer an IRL possibility
  7. I have no issue in reminding for balance that its the best ME in a long time, and in terms of jump from 20 > 21 possibly biggest jumping ever. Even us complainers know that ( I thnk most agre)
  8. But why should a football manager think, OK I cannot tell individual players what to do? That doesn't improve FM the game at all, it just provides challenges. Some people like forced challenges/achievements. OK. Some people want to improve FM the game
  9. I think you are very confused about what good uploading a save would do in bug fixing for such a wide issue. There is no ingame editor now so can't cheat with that. Game Status shows number of saves. I do not have the view you have a valid point, at all.
  10. I'm just been promoted with Huesca and am about to finish in the euro spots LA LIGA with a mostly good or leading second division team (and, bizzare, Moise Kean on loan). My complaint on difficulty is that I play the same tactic every single game. Whether bottom Eibar at home or Barcelone away same mega attacking tactic (not the famous one and no PIs). Yet I'm in 3st spot. I dont want a 'difficult' game where I lose all the time, of course SI would make no money with so. But I want to be punished for my style. SI talk of tinkering to match opponent, reacting to specific challeng
  11. I've been one of those posting on pages saying ME too easy. Difficult for SI, I'm sure many people who buy game do want the clickywinny game I so decry. Look at twitter, many people so stupid.
  12. Sorry no, Dagenham dave hasn't been able to replicate this and so your evidence is false.
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