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  1. I’ve done a season at city and in my save Leeds had the option to buy for 10m and Harrison himself turned it down? Always under the impression we loaned him out with an obligation tbf
  2. Soooo the forum can wait, we know it’s too late, 8pms slipped on by, Miles refused to say, but we’ll play tomorrow, i heard you say
  3. Tariq Lamptey! At Rochdale at mine at the age of 22. I also expect Grealish, Davies and Adama to be higher rated.
  4. Because there's no such thing as perfect and if you can improve, why not? Feedback and analysis from knowledgeable posters on a tactic I've made from the ground up which involved a lot of experimentation I'm also finding insightful. I do have fm21 in mind, If a change to the match engine tweaks something which makes my tactic less successful, the feedback I get here will be important then. As it stands I'm happy with my tactic but other input is always a good thing. Managers in real life have often said advice or reccomandations from their backroom staff have made their set ups bet
  5. Thanks for your suggestion, and I'm open to giving this a try. I will note however that I do sacrifice dominating possession, I normally average about 53%, as my play is more direct and really the main tactic is to overwhelm with constant attacking and pressure, every play is to spring another attack. The reason I have short passing and work ball into the box, which are more possession based instructions, as shoot on sight and direct passing means I lose the ball more and am more vulnerable to the counter, which I admit is the set ups biggest risk factor. Having said that, the striker does app
  6. It does work very well and perhaps Im not looking to change, bur rather discuss and see if I can improve it anyway. I agree with you on the press. We are more vulnerable to counters when the front press is broken as my last tactic, which sounds more similar to the one you're suggesting. However, I think this is most likely due to my players collectively having a high work rate, there is an awful lot of covering. For example, the opposition has the ball, and Haaland and Sterling are dragged from the shape to press. There is gaps behind, but the RB, RCM are straight in there to cover. The t
  7. Ive found it works really well. Ive used this formation for four seasons, and this tactic with variations throughout, but high pressing has always been a constant as that's my ideal style. I watch a lot of games in full match, and Ive found the front players are very aggressive when out of possession. When playing a team such as Watford who arent great at playing past the press, many times they resort to booting the ball out of play or back to my centre backs or keeper, who then start the attack again. When playing a team great at playing from the back, I do tweak things slightly, I drop
  8. Used this set up on this years game, and been successful with it. Would hugely appreciate any recommendations or suggestions anyone has though, if anything else for the discussion! Having to use ratemytactic.com to show the tactic as I'm away from my save. I'm playing with Manchester City, and the players I use mostly are: GK: Ederson, RB:Cancelo/Aarons, RCB:Koulibaly/Dias, LCB:Laporte, LB:Chilwell/Mendy, CDM:Camavinga, RCM: De Bruyne, LCM: Bernardo/Foden, RW:Sterling, LW: Felix/Jesus, ST:Haaland/Aguero Thankyou!
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