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  1. Thanks for the input. I'll try your 4-4-2 for a couple of months, this is part of the fun! tbh I don't think the "Pirlo pass" will ever work with just 2 CMs and no DMC to pass back to. I had another 4-4-2 in my previous team with a decent DLP, and in my experience when not countering, the 2 CMs end up on the same horizontal line, constantly pressured and never able to face forward to do a good pass. Maybe with a great dribbler it would work. With the DMC, I see them get pressured, pass back to the unmarked and forward-facing DMC, and boom! A superb long offensive forward pass. Even now in
  2. Thanks, I'll do the tweaks you suggested. Desired style of football: counter-attacking. My ideal goal is the packed defense stopping an attack, sending the ball long towards ST1, who either does a throughball to ST2 to put him through on goal, or if he can't do that, then stall until the counter cavalry (the two MCs and WBs) are there to help. If the opposition managed to regroup / stopped the counter, then pass it around their box until there's an opening (this is usually where my DMC shines, passing long to an unmarked WB). Tweaking the 4-4-2: the new formation is
  3. I'm setting time wasting to maximum, slowing tempo, lowering pressing urgency, passing it short, substituting my essential players...but the team still end up exhausted almost as much as with my regular high intensity tactic. Except I'm much more likely to end up drawing. I actually lost a 2nd leg semi-final from a 5-1 advantage in the 1st leg!
  4. My first formation with this club was a downloaded 4-1dmc-2mc-2w-1 tactic (positive, shorter passing, extremely high tempo, work ball into box, counter + counter-press, very high lines, extremely urgent pressing). It was not a good fit: -My 2 best players, the wingers, barely featured in Key Highlights. I had pictured the stereotypical strong target man holding up the ball for the 2 attacking wingers and the CM, this rarely happened despite having the right players. -The wingers and fullbacks didn't work together well. The FB would push up and overlap, and be ignored by the winger who'd tr
  5. I do plan on getting more loanees of course, but my base team that I have to fill the rest of the match squad with is now much worse than before, compared to the opposition. They are barely Vana North material. Now they're playing in the Vana National. I can't field 11 good loanees.
  6. Oh, thank you, I hadn't seen that Scouting Package option! Even after I knew it existed I had to go look at screenshots to see where to activate it. I thought those entries at the top were read-only info.
  7. My manager is english, managing an english club (Vana North), and I had 3 english scouts on assignments all year long. One scanned the Vana North competition, another England. This is in addition to the Scout Next Opposition assignment. After 1 year of scouting, it seems that Player Search is limited only to the 1000 or so players we discovered by scouting. This is the number of players that show up if I clear all search criteria. So I can't search for "Any players whose contract is expiring" and hope to find a large list. Only the players explicitly scouted show up (the 1000). But I
  8. I just finished a season in Vanarama North. Starting expectations was to not get relegated. I managed to reach and win the playoffs with a poor team, thanks to free loans of very strong youths from upper division clubs. I also had one great retiring DR who only agreed to sign because I also gave him a staff role. Now after I won the playoffs, the board are expecting me to finish midtable next season in the Vanarama National League. But if you exclude the loanees and retirees, I still have the same team that was supposed to fight against relegation in Vana North! They didn't give
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