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  1. Say I wanted to keep a few of my favorite players in the game FOREVER (Messi, Ronaldo, Vardy, and so on), could I use the in-game editor to lower their age every time they come close to 30, or is their retirement based on years played and thus inevitable? In other words, could I have a 28yo Vardy still playing in 2090 if I use the editor? Anyone tried it?
  2. Even if they wouldn't get game time with the first team, won't they improve better if they're training by the first-team coaches, while still playing for the youth/reserves? (using Available For U18/U23 Match for 90 minutes Ongoing).
  3. A popular tough challenge is the Dafuge Challenge. There's a thread about it, google it. Basically you start the game with a temporary unemployed manager, go on vacation until next summer until all leagues finished. Then you retire this temporary manager, and create your real manager, and put him in charge of one of the 3 teams that were just promoted to the bottom English league (so at the start of the game, they weren't even a playable team). Now try to get them to the top of the english pyramid. You have no money, all facilities are in atrocious state. I had 97 season ticket holders wh
  4. I seem to remember a couple of seasons ago the medic proposing that I send an exhausted player on holiday. I can't seem to find this option anywhere now, and google is of no help. My players aren't exhausted, it's only November, but I have 2 weeks before my next match and wanted to give them all a week off in an attempt to reduce the gradual decrease in performance over a season. Can I send my first team on holiday, or is my only option to give them a break from training?
  5. Let's say Current Ability was skill points, and you could spend them on attributes however you see fit. You're given the average number of points for a midtable Prem player. How would you spend them? Do you min max, like give everyone 20 acceleration/pace and 1 Leadership/Free kicks? Do you give your forwards 20 tackling and stamina to do a high press? Or try to have balanced players with just a small edge in some key stats?
  6. Should I do this even if they're in good condition before the start of every match (at least 92% condition), and even if I don't get messages about a player being jaded and needing rest?
  7. My squad has good determination, a great captain, high morale. But inevitably, towards the end of the season, I go from punching above my weight, to losing against relegation fodder. Those last 10 matches are always squeaky bum time. I think the game punishes you for keeping the same tactic too long, which is realistic. What's the easiest way to deal with this, if any? Do you keep 2 different tactics trained and switch every few months to please the match engine gods?
  8. I realize this tactic doesn't look good on paper, but my question is about wingers never squaring the ball once they skin the defender. (Out of respect for you I'll answer. My playing style? Doesn't matter. I just wanted a ready-made "click Submit Squad to win match" tactic and this was it, It's called Terminator and I got it off a site that tested 250 user-submitted tactics and this one topped the rankings for most squad strength levels. I just replaced one of the two AMCs with a DLF because of my squad. It's porous on paper but in practice, half-way through the season, it's
  9. Here you go. Personal instructions for both wingers are: Shoot Less Often, Mark Tighter. I get that an Attack duty makes them more shooty than a Support duty, but I've NEVER seen a winger skin the fullback and pass horizontally, since I started playing FM2020. This isn't specific to this tactic. I've had wingers be Winger Att, Winger Su, IF Su, IW Su...it never matters.
  10. OK, I've been giving in to avoid morale issues. I'll try being 'ard next transfer season. I've been avoiding morale issue because my only experience so far, they last forever, and I didn't want a repeat. One summer I signed a very good youth, and he made a condition that I would send him on loan somewhere. During the summer I decided instead to make him a regular starter. He wanted to leave the club because I broke his trust. I played him in several summer matches, and then nearly every match. I became his favorite personnel. But he still kept his "wants to leave the club / abysmal morale
  11. But then they have Abysmal morale for the rest of the season, and lower morale for the teammates who support them As someone who's using the editor to inspect the loyalty of every potential signing, I can tell you that 19 out of 20 players are disloyal ****ers. Which mirrors reality. In your case you're complaining about the realism of leaving a new top club for a fallen giant, and that's fair...but them wanting to leave is . Modern player: "I did what was expected of me this season. I want a new contract." "I spent my 1st year injured, then recovered did
  12. There's a few common behaviors that I keep watching in the highlights and I'm wondering what can fix them. 1) Slow long ball to my tall striker, but even though it's landing right next to him, he doesn't challenge for it, just stays still while a nearby opposition defender controls it without challenge. Is it only a lack of Aggression and/or Bravery? 2) My pacy winger with average-to-decent Decisions, Teamwork and Vision (about 12, but I'm in League 2) skins the fullback and is through on goal, but instead of attempting to square the ball to the striker running up to join him, he tak
  13. I loaned George Williams from Forest Green Rovers to have a sub that can play almost anywhere. He's a natural at 6 positions: M RL, AM RLC, and ST. However, due to the Role mechanic, his familiarity level is zero (Awkward) in every position I need him to cover for except MR Winger Attack. Am I supposed to manually train him in every position/role by keeping track of this stuff myself and rotating the trained position every X weeks? Isn't there there some way (I don't care if it's a mod) that I can have him train for a list of roles, so that when I sub him on he's somewhat prepared in
  14. I usually play on Key Highlights, but so many times absolutely nothing happens, then I switch to Comprehensive Highlights, and suddenly I'm getting clearcut chances. Just now, after 30 minutes of nothing happening in a cup replay, I switched to Full Match, my team was taking a throw-in, and we scored from that throw-in. I think the game simulation that runs when you're watching the highlights/match is different than the one that runs with no one watching. Prove me wrong!
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