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  1. Going into round 5 - Transfer window is open - still looking for 2 managers
  2. Season underway - First Cup round also played.... Currently open Lyon (undefeated) and Milan - Need 2 managers http://tonyarmer.net/ECL/ if interested e-mail me : ecl.league(at)gmail.com
  3. Down to last team - Currently sitting top of table - Lyon... http://tonyarmer.net/ECL/ if interested e-mail me : ecl.league(at)gmail.com
  4. Down to last 1 or 2 teams - Transfer window has opened and First Matchday is this week... still need a couple more
  5. We are at 8 now - only 4 spots left to fill
  6. I am starting a league using FM as the sim engine - It is a PBEM (Play by email) league in concept - I have started with 12 teams all of who are taking part in this years Champions League - Now I have filled 6 of the 12 teams and looking to fill the last few ( I would like to do this BEFORE I kick off the season and transfer window) and am down to 6 spots The way it works is (and this is very simple) each manager submits by e-mail ( or use the online submittal form or by PM in the forum) their line-up, bench and instructions (which includes formation) - You may than also include a .tac file if you have one or instructions if you do not. I will use the information to sim the matches and post all results and reports in the forum. It may seem difficult but it is really no harder than what you may do for Hattrick or any other online game.. You can see examples already posted in the forum....... http://tonyarmer.net/ECL/ I have had several hits but not able to fill last 6 spots...If someone has interest but does not like one of the 6 teams listed as open - I would be happy to switch teams for other teams if you want a different team... So if you want Juventus or Roma instead of one of the teams just e-mail me with the team you want and I will swap it out Currently Available: Man U, Arsenal, Porto, AC Milan, Villareal, Lyon <----- If you want someone else just let me know Email me with the team you want - t_armer(at)yahoo.com
  7. Match Viewer

    I understand that.... But that was really not the question... Has someone worked on a viewer that can view .pkm files without the game
  8. Not sure where to post this, but will give it a shot here... Is there any tool that will allow you to view a .pkm file ? Here is what I am thinking.. If you were to be running a fantasy league using FM as your sim engine but some managers could not buy the game (for whatever reason) but they were still participants could you save the .pkm file - upload it to a league site and have managers be able to download and just view the match ?
  9. This is a version of a PBEM (play by e-mail) soccer league. It uses FM as the engine to sim the matches. Each manager submits line-up and tactics by e-mail to the commish, Who then sets up the match using FM and posts the results.. Games are played weekly (1 round per week) stats, rosters, finances are updated weekly Currently 3 open teams (Porto, Bayern & Santos) all of these teams were managed previously but no trades were made so rosters are intact along with full bank accounts. These teams may be replaced with ANY team in the world if you find one you prefer to these - Bear in mind any team that is not in the league may have had players signed by other teams (Milan is the worst) Have a look - http://all-time-baseball.com/Final_Whistle/ If any interest sign-up on the manager sign-up board on the forum and claim your team http://all-time-baseball.com/Final_Whistle/index.php?board=21.0
  10. Have now filled all 8 - May consider expanding to 20 (4 more teams next season) if I have enough of a turn-out interest wise. If you want a team that is not currently listed - sign up on waiting list with team you are wanting and let's see if we can get you in for next season http://all-time-baseball.com/Final_Whistle/index.php
  11. Fantasy soccer league using FM as the engine, Needs 8 managers. Chelsea, Liverpool, Porto, Inter, Santos, Fluminense, all available (untouched so they have current roster) Teams may relocate (after season ends) Check-Out website for rules and more information Game NOT required http://all-time-baseball.com/Final_Whistle/index.php