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  1. I suggest we do a round with just the five of us. A creates a playlist for B, B for C etc.. What do you think ?
  2. Shall we start a new round?
  3. Always up for another round !
  4. We are on the same page. The feeling of waiting for something to happen gives me an excitement that short songs usually can't give, and I guess it's similar with certain films and books. It's definitely something you have to learn to get used to, because nowadays we are just constantly entertained and it's very easy to lose patience We are all looking forward to having those nights again !!
  5. Thank you, all added to the list !!
  6. I'm glad you enjoyed it, yours has been very motivating when cleaning the house - Can you give me a link to the 8 min Sky And Sand please ? - If you like chilled hip hop, I definitely recommend you explore more of Loyle Carner's material - I put Harry Styles at the end to challenge your no-contemporary pop request, I think his sound has become more mature since he's been playing solo, but I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea !
  7. Temptation – Heaven 17: I’ve been listening to new wave/synth pop recently, so this song easily gets my approval, although not my favourite of this genre. 7.5 One Step Beyond – Madness: this reminds me of Goran Bregovic, it sounds like a mixture of Balcanic music, reggae and ska, and I definitely enjoyed the outcome. I only wished there were more vocals on it 8 No Somos Nada – La Polla Records: I had to listen to it a few times before understanding if I liked it. The song is quite various even though it’s relatively short. I wouldn’t have got bored if it lasted a bit lo
  8. Thank you, I'll give that a listen over the next few days ! Let me know how this goes εις Μάριον1999
  9. No pop no metal, the rest can all be included (greek music too !) 😉
  10. @Marios1999 Hey ! Would you prefer a cohesive or an eclectic playlist ? and anything to avoid ?
  11. While waiting for the last reviews, shall we count who's in for the next round?
  12. I'm up for another round although I am still waiting for my playlist to be reviewed
  13. Thanks for the effort, below my comments Weißensee – Elder : Enjoyed it overall, but I was hoping to get the kick a bit earlier, to make the 18.33 minutes more worth 68% YYZ – Rush : wasn’t sure at first listen, but definitely liked it second time, complex combination of sounds 75% Skunk – MC5 : I could beat Bolt if I was racing with this song on ! really appreciate the pace and energy 70% Mothersky – CAN : CAN never disappoints, didn’t know this song but I immediately included it in my own playlist 90% Sure ‘Nuff ‘n’ Yes, I Do – Captain Beefheart & His Magi
  14. here is my playlist, curious to hear yours & your feedback !
  15. Same for me, not a fan of hip hop/trap, screamy metal or commercial pop. I really enjoy songs with some good guitar solos ! ;)
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