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  1. Tried on Ubuntu 20.04, with NVIDIA GP107 graphics and the latest NVIDIA drivers (455). With anything before Proton 5.21-GE it does not even launch. With that version of Proton it launches, but I get black screen as people posted above. Then, I tried with the embedded Intel Graphics and it worked! But graphics are set to very low and the game was very laggy. Did anyone have any luck using another graphics card?
  2. I removed Dribble Less and both the team and Gabriel Jesus started playing better. Do you think I could even try Run At Defence? There are quite a few players with Dribbling over 16 in my squad. I do that quite often, as my reserve AMR is more of an IW rather than a Winger. But can an Underlap work for a IW-WB pair? I thought it was mostly for the W-IWB pair.
  3. I can try that, but my idea was to dribble less and pass more in order to maintain possession. This is Gabriel Jesus' profile. It was not clear in the tactic screenshot above, but I have added the PI "Dribble More" specifically for him.
  4. Playing as Man City with the following tactic I want possession football and I expect my striker to be the main scorer along with the AML-IF on attack. In the first seasons, Aguero was my main striker and he was amazing. He scored a lot and provided many assists. Sterling as IF-At was scoring 10-15 goals as well and everything was fine. But since Aguero got old, I used Gabriel Jesus as my main striker. I also bought Harry Kane, as the best DLF in the league. But they are both useless...They do not score, they do not provide any assists and they have the lowest rating in ev
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