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  1. I wouldn't use the DLP in midfield, he might want to control the game too much so players could ignore the line breaking pass towards your forwards and pass to him instead. I use a similar(ish) system in my save and I'm obsessed with having my pivot in the DM strata with the DL pushed higher and LOE on standard. That brings the team close enough vertically when defending. Volante(s) would be the 'stopper' of the pair and Anchorman the 'cover'. This pair in the DM also allows to push your wide players more forward and gives them space to come narrow into a 4-2-2-2 shape. Great stuff with the YouTube videos, I'm going to implement some more of those ideas in my tactic for sure. I'll especially try to defend narrower and setting OI's to press the wide players.
  2. The formation you see is your defensive formation. So in a 4-4-2 your wide players comes deeper to defend. In a 4-2-4 they'll stay more forward - especially if you have attacking duties there. A 4-4-2 with attacking inverted wingers and two holding roles in midfield would become a 4-2-4 in attack. I play with a kind of 4-2-4/4-2-3-1 hybrid tactic currently and Imo it's key to keep the LOE and DL pretty tight together to compress the spaces that are there due to formation choice. High DL and standard LOE works for me.
  3. There has never been such a thing as 'liked by match engine'. IF is a better option in some setups, the W in some. Use IF if you need a wide attacker attacking space and cutting inside. Don't use him if you already have enough goalscoring players and the player doesn't have space to cut into. You need to think about your team as a whole and where/how you want to create space and then attack that space. The same principle goes in every positions. As an example, you had a attacking winger on one of your tactics with a defensive full back behind him. Did that look ok to you when you watched your games? I would imagine your winger was quite lonely up there attacking the flank because he had no support. The defensive full back stays very deep and the attacking winger is very far forward so they can't link up well. A supporting wingback on the other hand would get further forward and offer a passing option for the winger. If you made the winger on support and the wingback on attack, the wingback would make overlapping runs and they would interact in that way. An inverted wingback on support/attack would give an underlapping option if you want to stretch the play wide and then use the space created in the middle. There is so many different combinations that can work. Please tinker around in thw RateMyTactic web app. Put your tactic in it and see which combinations doesn't work and where is your solidity lacking. Try different roles and try to get it to a 5* tactic. Also remeber to look at player attributes like many have pointed out. A two man midfield pivot like in a 4-4-2 needs to have the physical attributes to run the midfield and defensive attributes to screen the backline. They also need a good amount of workrate, teamwork, bravery etc to put in the effort needed. Oliver/Puig etc is definetily not that player. Rakitic is decent but he is getting slower with age so he need a proper workhorse next to him. Edit2: You can always download earlier versions of the game if those suited you better.
  4. First of all, build a tactic, any tactic (fairly simple one though) and don't change it at all for two or three games. Just watch and try to figure out how your opposition exploits it and how is your best attacks built. Watch those three games on comprehensive and occasionally on full. On full view you can see things that don't make it into highlights. I like to watch the first 10 minutes of each half on full, then on comprehensive or extended. If I'm clearly struggling I watch even more on full to see what is the problem. And why three whole games without any changes? The chances are you'll face three different approaches and tactics. Maybe your tactic is great against a high pressing 4-2-3-1 but you struggle against a cautious possession tactic? Figure it out! After those three games, start making SMALL changes. Try to fix the things that went wrong. Don't randomly click instrunction and keep the changes small so you can keep up with what works and what doesn't. Did the opposition score most their goals with fast counters after you lost the ball in their third? Figure out how to not lose the ball so much (reduce risk, lower tempo, offer support for players) AND/OR make sure you have enough defending cover (enough defending roles, lower DL, lower or higher pressing intensity). Etc. Does the opposition press you so well that you can't build from the back and end up losing the ball? Figure out where they allow space when they press and try to exploit it (add passing directness, take off build from back TI, pass into space, set goalkeepers distribution). Etc. And remember every match is not made equal. Adapt to your opposition with these small changes but try to build your own identity on top of it. If you want short passing high tempo game. Stick to it and make small changes around it. Let your players get familiar with that style of play and see if your performance gets better. If after a season you underperformed, maybe try something else for the next season. Sidenote: check out the RateMyTactic webapp, it's not to be 100% relied on but it can help you to find out what partnerships work in what conditions.
  5. Lose the Work ball in the box and Dribble less TI. That way you don't over-complicate your attacks. The way your set your wide players don't have much options if you're telling them not to try to dribble past their opponent and not to try to cross. They'll end up slowing your attacks (even more with lower tempo also set) trying to play it into the box where Kane is probably well marked already by then.
  6. What do you mean by false forward? A F9 with a T10 or the Treq as a forward? Recently I returned to the formation from the screenshot above and it has been working again while keeping mentality as balanced. I do up it a notch or two occasionally. I also returned to the IWB at left back. He doesnt position himself narrow, but he does underlap really well with the winger and he keeps posession rather than punting crosses. Zaniolo is a beast at iw(s) on the right flank. 20 league goals and ten games still to go. The forward role is what I'm still not sure of. I'm not sure if I want him to offer support or attack.
  7. I know that feeling! I had my best results using a 4-4-2 with PF(s) am AF up top and wingers on attack. Wingers also set to mark their super fullbacks. Attacking mentality with standard loe and dl, mixed passing and tempo. Hold shape and counter. Then pray.
  8. It is 2028 in my save and I definetily have one of the strongest teams in the world but I wouldn't say I've been dominating. Fm20 has been a lot more difficult for me and I've just recently managed to win back to back Premier leagues and I won the treble once (PL, UCL, FA). I have ran into some problems with this tactic recently (your traditional mid season slump) so there is room for improvement. I got dominated by Kloppos direct attacking Arsenal but reverse-FM'd them to a 0-0 result. Onana the saviour with 18 saves. I also lost in FA Cup against a League One side who played with 10 men most of the second half. I allow too many dangerous counter attacks and struggle to create space when they defend deep. I am still top of the league in January by 1 point. My right inverted winger is my top scorer with 14 league goals. CF(s) and right WB(s) top assister. I think I'll revamp this tactic a bit with lowering the mentality (inspiration from Cleon) and switching the HB to another role to give better midfield support. Also the iwb is now FB(s) with sit narrower PI. I also tried the Volante as a BBM in CM strata to get the iwb work like an iwb with mixed results. The Trequartista is quite disappointing. I have an amazing player there but he doesnt make key passes or create chances and scores too little. I wonder if I can make him work like I want him to. He would probably work better in FM21. Maybe I'll get him some more space to manouvre with lowering the mentality....
  9. That's a good point, I'll try it out. The point of the early crosses was to keep the pressure on the opposition box and to avoid wing backs getting too far forward.
  10. This is what I see a lot. I make those 1v1's across the entire defense and push them really deep and narrow. It then makes space for the wingback (number 3). Usually it just ends up as a goal from the number 17 from the edge of the box. I am really vulnerable for counter attacks though. If Kane lost the ball there, I would've been in trouble. This is the build-up phase when I play the Trequartista in AMCR strata. I started the game with him as a striker but he was constantly sandwiched between opposition number 4 and 18. This move created him some space.
  11. Here is a better view of the now revisited tactic. I must say that after tinkering around I kinda made it work. Made some alterations after the Schalke game. I usually start the Trequartista in the striker strata, but if he is marked out or my build up is lacking I drop him in the AMCR strata. He seems to be my weakest link now though, definitely not the star! My iw(s) gets most of my open play goals now and the cf(s) gets most of the assists but I'm not complaining as I finally look like a proper attacking team. Even pushed Liverpool deep in their own half at Anfield and was up 0-3 by HT. They almost clawed their way back though with two goals but overall I was the better team there. I'll look to post some screenshots of some nice plays if I get to it. Yeah I remembered there was somekind of a catch with the inverted wingbacks with two DM's and they definitely weren't narrow enough to fully be a part of the midfield. But what they do do is cut inside and keep the ball in the middle of pitch rather than running down the flank and crossing, which I got sick of seeing with my 4-1-4-1 tactics. In this tactic the iwb(s) looks to dribble towards the box more than towards the byline, which seem to really push the opposition deep and narrow in their own box. I did end up switching one of the wingbacks to a regular wb(s) to keep some width on the inverted winger side.
  12. Hi guys! I'm deep in my save with fm20 and thought I'd try to switch things up before calling it quits and trying out the newer version. I've tried to make a pseudo 4-2-4 tactic with mixed results. Initially it seemed to work like a charm, I was destroying lesser sides 5-0 and the play was free flowing fluid. Lately I've struggled to score and I've been leaky at the back, especially against better sides away from home. Was crushed 0-4 against Chelsea and 0-3 against Real Madrid. So this is the core tactic (sorry about the image I can't get to the game rn). My tactic also has counterpressing and counter ticked on with a split block with the front four (bar Trequartista). The Trequartista is also actually played in the AMCR strata unlike in the picture below. I would want to play pass and move football, getting the ball quickly from back to front and then forcing mistakes by creating effectively a 1v1 situation against their entire four man defense with my four attackers. The volante, hb, and iwb's would be there to recycle possession. I want to make the Trequartista be the main star and unlike the picture I actually use him in the AMCR strata to get him joining the build up play more. He is not performing for me though. He doesn't get enough of the ball and rarely scores or gives key passes. I've tried more of a playmaker type and a more physical player with mixed results. Volante is on support duty with GFF PI. He has scored a lot of my goals with long shots. At best this tactic makes super fluid midfield movement; looking like a 4-1-2-3 when building from the back with the Volante, Trequartista and Half Back making a beautiful midfield triangle, it then switches to a 4-2-3-1 when the half back comes out of the defense and finally a 4-2-4 when we push in the opposition area. The Inverted wingbacks are supposed to help fill the gaps left by forward running Volante and between the Trequartista and the deep half back. The winger on support is a super fast player with 18 crossing, 17 passing and 16 vision. I'd like him to keep the width and find the other three forwards with a quick cross or angled through ball. He is currently working fine. Scoring and assisting. The idea is for the front 4 to be roaming around (all have roaming PI) and dribbling, causing trouble to opposition defense. I imagine the Trequartista and the CF causing dilemmas for the opposition CB as they both roam and drop and I'd like the Iw(a) to look to attack the space if they choose to close down my forwards. I feel that maybe I'm not keeping the ball enough to force those errors. Maybe my play is too rushed? The Iw(a) and the Treq might also occupy the same places as the treq is in the AMCR strata right next to the iw. The striker role is where I'm most lost. CF(s) helps balancing the squad (the red/green squares in tactics creator) but he doesn't really get involved. He usually gets 10-15 passes a game and a few shots. I play him in the left striker strata to keep that pseudo 4-2-4 shape. What role would you suggest for him? Any thoughts or resources for a 4-2-4 tactic or just on how to make the Trequartista click for me? Also how can I tighten up a bit at the back? I concede mostly long shot goals.
  13. Good that you got him working! Also one thing to note: PF(a) looks to make runs behind the defence, even more so with the counter TI but you have Much higher DL and LOE and you press very aggressively. So when you win the ball back you look to dribble it forward with Run at defence and dribbling player roles (flanks and Muller) or make the quick counter attacking pass. But where is the space for Lewa to run into? You are already very close to the opposition goal so there's no room behind the defence. You are also quite narrow so there's no room in the half spaces, and you push the opposition midfield line closer to their defensive line, so no room between the lines either. You could try dropping the DL and LOE one notch to see if there is more room for him to run and/or find some room in the channels between the CB and FB by instructing wide players to keep some width.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I do score most of my goals after quick transitions even though I imagine playing a quick tempo possession game. I guess I want both if that makes sense. Fast transition and decisive counter when winning the ball, but if that doesn't work, play the fast possession game and create overloads to draw the defenders out. How would I implement something like this? Maybe WBITB to make them not force the issue after a counter? I have tried Ap on support but didn't see much, Ill give it another shot. He is my top goal scorer on attack duty though, I'm afraid I'll lose that aspect of the role. The reasoning for the CWB is that I play with slightly narrower TI, the AP tucks in quite heavily and the players best attributes are dribbling, flair and crossing. I know it's a risk but that overload brings me most of my goals. I'll look out if that flank is where the opposition attacks. Would just plain WB be better? I'm also going to try the DM on defend and duty.
  15. Thanks! I hadn't really considered neither the F9 nor BBM. I might give them a try. I sometimes play the right wing as RMD but I don't see much difference. I came up with this with Rate My Tactic and got 5* potential. It might be worth trying out! Changes: DLF(s) to F9, IF(a) to RMD(a), CM(s) to BBM(s) and DM(s) to DM(d). I also came up with this which is a lot more attacking and might work against weaker sides. The gap between midfield and defence is a worry though. Those overlapping partnerships are pretty sexy though! It has a midfield of Mez(s), CM(a) and HB(d). Might test these out.
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