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  1. 1. No the CF doesn't have those traits, I think he just decides to roam from position when he really shouldn't. I need to see how Kane plays in this role when he returns as he is a glorious player. I'll also try Pf(a) and maybe Af(a) the next few games. 2. Yes the DL went forward when Sane dropped deep to receive the long pass from the keeper. BBM is still deep because it was a goal kick which was given fairly quickly. 3. Thanks for your input. I'll try to push the forward more... Forward. Kovacic and Zaniolo are magnificent dribblers and passers so I don't think he needs to or eve
  2. continued from the post above. Almost a goal! At this point the game was 1-1 I believe and I was getting anxious. Once again the finishing is lacking. Finally a breakthrough! It was the 88th minute and I was leading 2-1 at this point and the opposition started taking more risks. This time the attack took a bit longer and I got players in the box. Short passes was the key here and got me an easy tap in. Here are some match stats: Once again, in paper a solid win but some of the plays left a lot more to
  3. Sorry about a long journal type of an entry. I played the Everton game again with a revisited tactical setup. The original result can be seen from my earlier post. It was a scrappy game where I lost possession but managed to get a lot of shots and created a fair amount of chances but only scored one penalty goal to seal a 1-0 win. This time I played like this: At first I didn't see much improvement. I lost the possession battle but got a lot of shots. Here are some plays diced up: Build up: The anticlimax: This is wha
  4. I felt like I needed to add a bit more patience to my play as I don't try work it in the box. The winger gets a lot of shots which he doesn't finish so a added the PI to get him to cross/square it more often. The same with the attacking cm. Especially Bellingham likes to make a great run but ends up shooting outside of the box. Tbh those instructions has been on for a while now, I'll try without them.
  5. 1. What I love about Zaniolo is his progressive runs. He creates a decent amount of chances just by running. He also runs quite a lot inside (he doesn't have runs wide with ball pi) but I guess he does end up stopping the run and turning backwards occasionally. I think he should be played more as a CM (a) with dribble more pi. And maybe a run through center trait? He does work okay as and inverted winger. Not bad, not great, just like every other winger I have. I do see Bellingham getting into crossing positions more often as a Mezzala than Zaniolo, I guess it's due to him being right footed.
  6. I've narrowed down my attacking scenarios to three most frequent ones: a) I dominate possession and when I make the cross the field ball to my winger or either wing back, the opposition is deep and has numerical advantage in the box. Usually the cross hits the first defender or it's a floated ball which I usually get to attack but the header is poor. This happens the most against weaker opposition. I'm not really sure what kind of approach would be best here. b) I lose the possession battle but get to attack more directly. This happens against mid to good teams (Everton
  7. Thanks for the reply ED! I do tinker quite a lot, mostly out of frustration. I usually watch mostly comprehensive highlights with a quite a bunch of the game in full and it gets pretty frustrating to watch my team playing well, usually dominating even, but failing to score more than 1 or 2 goals. I keep trying to find the secret formula when everything clicks -- which I think is a lot harder this year. I usually start to dominate the game at this point (sixth season at a big club). So here is some more screenshots. Here's Zaniolo and Bellingham, who compete and rotate a
  8. Hi guys! First time poster, but I've been lurking a while and been playing the series since FM12. This year I've been struggling trying to create a consistent tactic for a top team. I play Spurs and I believe I'm on my sixth season now. I've managed to win the league once and the champions league once during my tenure, but my teams performance just never seemed to click. I've tried a bunch of different approaches and tactics but never saw more than maybe a couple of good performances in a row. Last two seasons I've been third in the league. My problem is that my wing play is ineffective o
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