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  1. Hey TFF. Which would you say gives better results? This or your Unstoppable TFF Cross tactic?
  2. Yeah, that's what I was afraid of, and why I don't really bother. I mean, what would be the point in training attacking set pieces for one match? What's to say you're going to get more corners or free kicks in this match than another? I would have thought some kind of regular training with a familiarity level would have made more sense. Thanks for the answer Cleon.
  3. My AssMan is always advising that we need to be training both attacking and defending set pieces in Match Prep, but there always seems to be something more important to train instead. So, my question is, how often do you need to use these match preps for it to be effective? That way perhaps I can set up some kind of rotation so that they get practiced every so often to keep them sharp. I have to say I never really understood why those are in the match prep setting rather than a general training option. It would make sense for me to have them in there and have some kind of effectiveness bar for them like we have for tactic familiarity so I know when they need a refresher. But if someone can give me an idea of how often I need to use the match prep for now that would be really helpful, thanks.
  4. I would love to see that feature return to being usable, it was really useful.
  5. Me too. It's not uncommon for one of my MCs to pick up a hat-trick in a game.
  6. Just started season 4 of my Notts Forest game with this tactic and it's looking great so far. Won all my friendlies, my first 2 league games and just beat Man Utd. in the European Super Cup. Just thought I'd post the match stats from that game - they make amusing reading. I'll report back with full progress at the december break.
  7. My dad is also registered blind, but manages to play FM - he uses a 40" HDTV as his monitor. Even then, a lot of the menus are lost to him, especially when they have multiple tabs that are small and hard to spot. A simplified layered menu system more like the ones on the FM mobile games would probably be good for people who struggle with eyesight.
  8. I generally find that locking invites the "You've backed me into a corner" response.
  9. It's a bit of a joke to even call it 'negotiation'. It generally goes like this: Agent: £55,000 per week Me: £35,000 Agent: £55,000, I'm getting bored Me: £40,000 Agent: £55,000, last chance now Me: £54,999 Agent: These talks are pointless, I'm leaving. Honestly, agent negotiations are the worst thing in this game right now. Agents are more like spoiled children with their hands over their ears yelling "I CAN'T HEAR YOU" whenever you try to 'negotiate'. And the whole 'You make an offer before we tell you our demands' is completely pointless and time consuming, since no matter what you offer, they're going to change every single value to what suits them anyway. Hate it.
  10. I'm sure everyone has seen this happen. Half-hearted passes that barely reach their target and usually get intercepted. On 50-50 balls the opposing player immediately sprints for the ball while your guy sort of ambles across when he can be bothered. Everyone on the other team seems full of hustle while your guys sort of bumble around aimlessly expecting someone else to do the work. What causes it? It's not every match - sometimes we're humming along nicely, but then we go through periods of match after match where everyone just looks like they can't be bothered. The match info shows them as "Looking motivated" or "Nothing specific noted". They're not lacking match-fitness or needing rested. These are not insignificant games or friendlies, they're important league games or European fixtures. The team talks are being done by an AssMan with 20 Motivating skill. Any ideas what causes this kind of behaviour, and more importantly what I can do to try and fix it?
  11. Is there actually any difference between them apart from the mentality? Why not just have one and adjust the mentality during the match? Does it make a difference having them as 3 separate tactics?
  12. Your 3-striker tactics are always the highlight of my FM year. Just started a second season with a newly promoted Notts Forest so I've switched to this tactic for the friendlies. Already looking good.
  13. Can't wait. I was worried you weren't going to release anything this year Brobs. You usually provide my favourite tactic each year.
  14. Just quickly scanned this whole thread, so excuse me if someone asked this and I missed it - what preferred feet do you use for wingers in this tactic? Left/Left Right/Right or Left/Right Right/Left?
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