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  1. Hi, I have a 20 tier USA pyramid database. It is described in the link below on steam. Need feedback. I've made one database before this and it was the Game of Thrones Westeros database. No one really complained about any issues in that one, so I figured I would post my USA database too. Personally I load up all 20 tiers and start in college ranks. Let me know what we think just no hate please. UPDATED FOR 4.0 MARCH 17,2021 The United States has finally decided that their system sucks and it needs reform. So they turned to Guendouzifan28 to create their new league tier system. Thi
  2. This may be a dumb question but I am having trouble finding a solution. When I test competitions it says there is a "display error". It says "Function: 'display error' File: '/Users/Shared/jenkins/workspace/fm/game-tools/silibs/sitoolkit/generic/logs/log_manager.cpp' I have no idea what or where the jenkins file is in my system and have no idea how to correct this. Please help. Thanks. EDIT: I am also unable to convert anything to advanced rules.
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