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  1. So do you overwrite these? and can I use a custom made skin?
  2. Also I was thinking would it save the other saves like e.g I've got it on a 3 game rolling save?
  3. I've got a save and I managed to tick in steam for me to sync the save from my laptop to my pc but it's not there apparently? any thoughts? it's so I can continue my save on my pc and vice versa as I have my laptop off me the night before I got support (no judges it's the staff that put this in place )
  4. Is it just that or do I need the graphics too?
  5. Can you do this with TCS even with the customizable panels?
  6. How you managed to get the scoreboard onto the skin?
  7. Did you move the tablet further to the right or was it like that?
  8. I had a problem with the touchline tablet, I've cleared the cache but it still doesn't minimise when I click it at the bottom, any thoughts?
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