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  1. Shoddy, shoddy, shoddy. You know what players have probably just done when they go to save highlights? Won something. They win something, try to save it, have it taken away. Like I've just 'lost' my first competitive match, a 4-3 extra time super-cup final win against deadly rivals, the highlight being my new signing saving a penalty in extra time. Oh, lets replay that match, I'm sure it'll be fun. Maybe I can pay for the DLC to edit the opposition so I don't have to lose the 'replay'. Disable the feature until it works, for everybody, every time. Release features when they are finished, when they are tested. Pull them if they break. This should at least be the policy when it comes to trivial, nice-to-have stuff like this. The minute - or even the month - that it becomes clear that a bit of social media fluff is impacting the core gameplay for anyone, disable it until a fix. At very least prompt the player to save before attempting to encode a video. Horrible user experience.
  2. Players and (more importantly) staff should be more open to jobs/roles that they don't have on their 'interested' list. At very least I should be able to try to talk them into changing. Especially when a staff member has great stats for a role he doesn't want, or bad stats for a role he does. For instance, Raul in my game has great stats for a Director of Football, but he insists that he be a Head of Youth. But Raul, you're only rated a 4 at Working with Youngsters? Wouldn't you be more useful trying to sign me some star-struck strikers? I'll even pay you a little bit more! And you, Johnny, my club legend. We'd love to keep you around, but you're never going to be a manger. Your tactical knowledge is 2, and your motivating is 3. Wouldn't you like to try being a scout for a while? With regard to the Sport Psychologist etc request up there, I think that should probably be part of the 'training facilities' (called it system or 'set-up' instead). But I do wish my great coaches and assistant manager would be a bit more proactive in keeping my players focused and happy. My goalkeeping coach doesn't need my permission to tell my keeper to stop getting complacent toward the end of games.
  3. This screen would be more useful with a couple more columns. Alternatively, make the columns editable: I would like to see three details, really: Loan Expectation (first team, rotation, etc), Loaned Since (when they joined that club) and Possible Appearances (i.e. how many games they could have played in, to compare how many they actually have played in). I don't really need to see ability and potential on this screen, if space were a concern.
  4. I think the "CHAN" needs a little more attention. I took the Guinea job in 2021. Media, board and players seem to be getting their expectations from the 'full teams', but this has little bearing on matches which involve 5 or 6 poor regens that are unemployed (and thus unfit) and the rest 'grey' players. Things aren't going well with these amateurs, and the result is that I'm probably going to be sacked before ever getting to manage a 'proper' Guinea side.
  5. I find myself wanting this option too. I've got a great young player banging them in in League 1, who definitely could be an asset to the Republic of Ireland in the future. He's been capped at underage level for England but not recently and would be eligible for the RoI. I don't seem to be able to encourage the player to declare for Ireland (granted, at the risk of angering him), nor to speak to the Ireland manager about taking a look at him. The more football this guy gets the better, and obviously as an Irish manager myself I'm biased.
  6. Will the Cypriot league come with a feature where every team has a 75% chance of being taken over by Iraqi billionaires and then signing half their national team?
  7. If you can find "Edit schedules" in your Training screen, if you click that it'll give you an option to import the training schedules you've downloaded
  8. Don't worry, its not racist. However: there are very few countries in the world where blacks and whites are still so markedly seperated, which such equal numbers. In other countries with high african-descended populations, e.g. USA, England, Brazil, the seperation is not so strong, and as such the minority (african people) eventually take on more and more 'white' sounding names. William Smith may be a famous black american but his name is straight out of medieval england. Another factor is that RZA is very different, because it is a case of white people going to an african place, rather than african people going to a 'white people place' (yes, i know that USA and Brazil arent really 'white people places', white people killed off the amerindians). It will take a long, long time for the cultures in South Africa to grow closer together so that eventually through marriage and such, there will one day be black girls named Natalie Grobler and white guys named Desmond Mbeke But it is not for FM to make such things happen. It would be quite controversial and indeed, difficult to program, to start creating things like "black names" and "white names". Perhaps one day FM will give you the option of generating a new random face for your players. For the moment, I make faces for players that have no photos, using the standalone version of FaceGen
  9. Imagine the commentator when he scores a cracker of a goal. "Eek, going forward, looks up, its... EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK!"
  10. "Captain Angelico wants his teammates to secure promotion for ****s' sake"
  11. What has that got to do with training, if they're being injured in-game? :confused:
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