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  1. Hi, it does not work, Epic Games mentioned that this is Football Manager issue or rather Sports Interactive issue and I believe so because there are no issues on my other games with Epic Launcher, I do not believe you guys will roll out another patch for this as FM 2021 is coming out soon. This is really bad for us players, I can only said I am disappointed, imagine that you have just won the Champions League and while you are continuing or progressing on the game, suddenly it is just crash without any error. If I want to continue to play, I need to save after every match. You are
  2. Very often unable to launch the game, multiple times. Sometimes gaming half-way, the game just crashed without any error message. Unstable platform in EPIC!! Found some logs in AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\Logs 09:13:04:371/108:14.37 D 16608 Application: Warning: [ LogHttp ] 00000000F44FB160: invalid HTTP response code received. URL: https://api.epicgames.dev/epic/oauth/v1/tokenInfo, HTTP code: 0, content length: 0, actual payload size: 0 09:13:04:371/108:14.37 D 16608 Application: Warning: [ LogHttp ] 00000000F44FB160: request failed, libcurl
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