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  1. Love what you've done so far! I have to say in my Guernsey save, level 7 was the hardest to get into and stay... although i do have to say working out the rules with regards to promotions and relegation always took me forever. Also, i too noticed that contract offers from other teams were few and far in between. Maybe due to how far away the islands are??? I've been able to keep one of my star players on an expired contract for a year now (sadly he refuses to sign a contract with me) without worrying about his performances attracting any interest whatsoever.
  2. We actually did it! The entire team consists purely of Guernsey born and bred lads and we did it! Onto VNS and above then!
  3. Just a Quick Update 2 seasons on... At such low levels, youth intakes are a god send , however poor your HoYD is On the other hand, we've been cruising along in the league in the first season where weren't predicted to finish dead last (18th of 22!). All thanks to the goalscoring antics of Jamie Clements, whose attributes barely stand out in any form. Cool thing i've noticed is that we have some absolute giants all over the pitch (notwithstanding the current intake). Realistically, despite having a go at promotion, I really
  4. Your assessment is spot on... but my team is quite poor in the first place so there are at least 2/3 immediate first team candidates every year. But at this low every year we are able to beat teams 1/2 divisions higher in the FA cup. 2/3 rounds in and that guarantees finances for the year
  5. well i finally got bitten by the LLM bug and now im deep in a youth only guernsey save... it's been quite the ride so far, especially since we've been prime relegation candidates nearly every season :)
  6. Amazing thread @04texag I've been trying out your shape in my LT mainly youth chelsea save and been rather successful. Oddly enough we play better against the big sides than against the lower teams. though i suspect that has to do with their defensive shape. I found that a BWM-d to be more effective than a CM-de, especially with players like Kante though. The CM-de tends to sit too deep for my liking leaving too big a gap in attack.
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