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  1. Future transfers not working?

    So does anyone know what the "msvcr80.dll" file is for and where it needs to go? As did anyone else have problems with getting the patch to work normally?
  2. Future transfers not working?

    I found it weird that there was no direct download option, but I downloaded the torrent and tried to run the patch. It would not work and after much frustration I found there was an option to just unzip the files involved with the patch. Did that it at created files that were obvious where they go bar one file. there is a "msvcr80.dll" that I don't know what to do with. Where does this file need to be put? Does it go in the editor data folder or does it stay in the main data editor folder? Any ideas folks?
  3. Future transfers not working?

    Thanks very much. Wasn't aware there was a patch for the editor, so cherrs
  4. I am a long time user of CM/FM and use the editor year. What I can't work out is that future transfers don't seem to save if you make them with the new editor for FM09. I have made future transfers on loads of occasions and saved the file and yet each time I re-load the transfer is not there. Is any one else having this problem? Very frustrating if it is a bug
  5. Hey thanks for the Four-Four-Two link the photos there are much better than the ones on the league site. Cheers
  6. Thanks for your reply Ter. I guess our beef is with the Australian FFA.
  7. So even after the patch you are still having injury problems?
  8. I can stare at Shane Smeltz but I can't make pictures for the new players to the league this year as the size and quality of pictures on the A-League official website is cr*p. Does anyone have quality profile pictures for some of the new a-leage players?
  9. May I add my vote of confidence in the new 3D match engine. It is already good, but like a couple of people have already said it will only get better from here. I can't go back to the 2D engine - I am a 3D convert. Well done on that aspect SI
  10. I don't think there is Juventus player pictures in the game. There hasn't been in any previous versions. If you want a juventus cut out face pack let me know and happy to share one with you. I just hope a few A-League fans have some cut-out face packs for the a-league teams. No response from SI as to why the players pictures aren't included this year. It would be could to know who we have to blame. Come on someone at SI tell us who decided to scrap the pictures for 2009?
  11. What changed Ter? There was player pictures in last years game. I presume that something has changed with the license you have with the Australian FFA, but as an Australian and a massive A-League fan it would be stating the obvious to say that I was hugely disappointed the pictures were not included. If it was the FFA that stopped you, can you let us know so we can complain to them rather than SI?
  12. I live in Adelaide and got a call from EB in the city to say I could pick up my pre-ordered copy any time after 9am tomorrow (Thurs 13th) whilst that appears like great news on the surface, what the point if I can't play it until activation is switched on. I will have to read the manual this year I guess because I wont be able to play the game. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I think they did that last year. Was hoping we may get it before the game was released.
  14. Wondering if SI have time to release extra quickstarts for leagues other than the 12 in the demo? I would be happy to download stand alone quick start files. I would really like to play the Australian A-League. Hope this may be possible but with the tech issues SI are having I know this would be a low priority. If I say pretty please does that make a difference?
  15. Remove kits from FM 2009 (screeshots inside)

    The kist this year are pig ugly. I am not sure what they were thinking when they designed these. What was wrong with the ones from last year? They looked fantastic! These new ones look like they were designed by Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles. Hopefully someone will come up with a kit fix.