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  1. That's only the initial ban while the case is investigated. Most likely going to be longer.
  2. Here you go: Finishing Position 5th Points 67 Will we win a trophy No How far do we get in Europe? S/F Top Scorer Benteke Player of the season Milner Best young player (<=22) Ibe Best signing? Milner Goals Benteke scores 13 Goals Sturridge scores 9 Firmino: Good, Indifferent, or Flop? Good Is Rodgers still here on the day of the final game? Yes Is Rodgers still here for opening day in 16/17? Yes
  3. And just to follow up my previous, here's how the tactic worked once my team were used to it and with a fully fit squad. I'm going to switch back to using my own tactics now as I just wanted to give this a test. Nice one vikingarrow
  4. OK, so here's a game against Chelsea, as you can see we created more chances but just couldn't finish them. But once we got used to the tactics....
  5. I introduced this tactic towards the back end of a season, when I had a run of game including Man City away, Chelsea and Real Madrid away coming up. Bit of a mixed bag with results so far, but even on the occasions we have lost, we've dominated the game. Injuries also played a massive part, I only had 1 fit player for each of the AM positions, so was having to play CM and ST there occasionally. I've now bolstered my squad and with the team being more familiar with this tactic I'm looking forward to a full season of testing.
  6. I'm 10 seasons in to the game now, I'll create a separate save of that game to test this out and post up the results.
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