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  1. So I am trying to create a save where the continent of Africa is a lot more similar to Europe. More money involved and the champions league being bigger. I am having no trouble increasing the money handed out for each nation's domestic league and cups, but don't even know where to start with the champions league. I am very new to the editor and don't know how to use the advanced rules tools. My intentions are to make the tournament follow the same format as UEFA's with a big qualification system, as well as hand out participation and prize money only slightly less than in Europe. As I sai
  2. This may be quite a big ask for anyone to assist me, but I'm trying to restructure the African Champions League to be more like the UEFA one with more teams entering into a qualification system and a 32 team group stage. I also wanted to make the prize money be closer to the UEFA competition but not identical. I just have absolutely no idea how to do this and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I changed the teams in the 3rd tier so that they weren't all the B teams or U21s and that did the trick as before I left whatever teams were already there. Tests seem to be working just fine on multiple simulations.
  4. So I have changed the dates as you suggested. I adjusted the nation dates to follow a more typical league from August-May the following year. All competition dates end either in April or march. The test stops at the date of the season end of 1/2/3 tier and doesn't continue through the playoffs. Getting the same error of tier 3 not having enough teams. Just wish I kew more about this type of stuff Fic_Kaz_005.fmf
  5. I'm new to editing but thought I had everything figured out. The nation rules were verified however when testing the league my 3rd tier wasn't getting enough teams. Don't know how to fix this, any help would be much appreciated. Fic Kaz_003.fmf
  6. Tried using a different skin and haven’t run into any problems yet.
  7. Been playing FM19 for over a year on this computer with no problems. With FM20 however, any time I offer a contract to a player the game kinda breaks. I can't click on a player name so I have to right click then select him, and usually what happens is after I exit talks with a player the screen gets stuck in a screen that only shows "Job centre" and "Request a new contract". If I can get it to leave said screen then it crashes about 2 minutes later, or just won't advance time.
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