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  1. Hi @crazybrain thanks for your kind words. Yh so it's pass shorter for LB, LCB, CM, AM, RW, LW I believe. RCB is normal, RB is more direct as Ayling has a more expansive passing range, same for Phillips at HB, and Bamford more direct too, just to increase the chance of a line breaking pass when he comes deep. I've found the combination of a more direct team instruction but pass shorter for most gives a bit more variation with style a leaning towards possession. Also, if you look at the pass stats, it's very close between medium-short but with a lot of forward passing. Most possession tact
  2. Yeah 27 is my DLP (s). Tyler Adams is a very capable playmaker, with solid physicals and mentals.
  3. In a different tactic I'm creating, I've managed to get my LB, who is a re-trained right CB, instructed to play inside and sit narrower (Konate) to tuck inside and become a CB in build up/transition. This could have some potential for the Ayling in the build up, Phillips push ahead conundrum. What do you think @bielsadidnothingwrong?
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2352308944 Yeh when you download it the left forward is IW, I change to winger when I play as Leeds because they have so many left footers. But, IW and W both work with the tactic so it's up to your preference on which you prefer.
  5. I agree, when I used by tactic with Celtic, my CB's finished with 96% pass completion, they had a LOT of the ball, and my Phillips (DLP (s)/HD) completed more passes than anyone else in the league.
  6. Absolutely loved reading that @bielsadidnothingwrong thank you so much. Here is my final suggestion, I don't know if this works, I'm thinking about it without testing it. How about CB's sit wider PI's, then have a DM (S), with goalkeeper to specifically distribute to the DM (S), you could add a PI to take more risks. That should instruct the DM (S) to drop slightly deeper to collect the ball without becoming a CB, plus he will tackle hard and press, and also mix up passing range.
  7. It resembles a 4-1-4-1 without the ball most of the time. The CM (Klich role) drops back a bit, and the 3 AMs usually do too. Have a look at the off the ball position in the two pictures I have attached. As for the movement of Kalvin Phillips, I've found he varies in different matches sometimes Ayling joins the 3 and Phillips will move sideway to receive a pass, sometimes (against 1 striker) they both push up and the CBs and the keeper try to pass around the press. I think moving between a HB and DLP (S), depending on opposition strikers, and the general strength of the opposition. I use
  8. Yes, it's very much up to you which you prefer @Sarriball14 if I play Harrison I play him as a winger as he's left footed, but if you're using this tactic with a different team you can keep the IW. I have tested this with Leeds, Celtic, RB Leipzig and Wolves, it works very nicely with IW, as they also have stay wide instructions to stretch the pitch. I would suggest just changing it to winger mate.
  9. My Bielsa tactic has turned Yussuf Poulsen in to an absolute machine, same as it did with Patrick Bamford. Shame no one else scored much though haha, might need a few tweaks to other positions perhaps.
  10. Thanks @LHurlz I appreciate that! Yeah, I mean you could have it at HB all the time, but I do have 'distribute to playmaker' and 'take short kicks' so Phillips does what Phillips often does against one striker, which is drop slightly deeper, but into a position to receive a pass, creating a passing triangle with the CB's, rather than fully in to the back 3.
  11. Hey guys, Here is my attempt at Bielsa's Leeds in FM21. Some key aspects of my tactic that I feel are representative of the way he plays are: extremely wide, extremely high tempo, and extremely urgent pressing. I have chosen to have the passing range as "standard", in combination with PI's to certain players to pass short. These instructions help to create a range of passing, and "verticality", passing short, but mostly moving forward. The final detail to add is that I have not gone full man for man, for the sake of producing a tactic that doesn't descend into total chaos, but I ha
  12. Yeah I used 'mark tighter' and specifically marking certain positions in order to try and recreate the Bielsa man marking system, without complete chaos. As for pass shorter, I picked that because I thought it would help with possession, but in combination with the higher tempo + very attacking it would reflect that one-two possession style but with more verticality. I've trained/I am training 'one-twos' and 'likes to switch play' to as many players as possible.
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