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  1. From my point of view it depends a lot on a variety of factors. Is he currently a useful player for you? What are the trainers saying about his improvement? Probably a lot when he is still 5* potential. 5* means he will get better than most players in your squad and be a star player above your current level. Is he actually improving? Does he get play time and doing a good job, getting good ratings, scoring goals and assists? Getting good training grades? Are you happy with his skills and distribution, or are his skills off in areas important for your game plan (e
  2. I am having a strange issue. The German national team is without real players. And it is soon in the game, third season. So there are enough good German players around. The other U-national teams of Germany are also massively underpopulated, with only a few players being non-grey. Anyone else having this issue?
  3. You are using 8GB RAM. This is substandard at the moment. I'd generally recommend 16GB, not only for Football Manager. You operating system and browser will already use half of your 8GB. So your actual usable RAM is more like 4GB. Upgrading RAM is cheap, so before you do anything else, plug in 8 GB more RAM (ideally same speed, brand and model as your existing one). Regarding FM, reading through the benchmark thread I am under the impression that FM favors highly parallel CPUs. Like i7 > i5. So in case you upgrade, make sure your model is good at multi- (or hyperthreading). Many
  4. In the squad section there is a contract view. There is no function to set it up. You just need to make sure that you don't do contract renewals or new contracts that exceed your self decided budget. Usually the start of the negotiation depends on the promised playing time and how much other players in your team at that level earn.
  5. Yes, balancing is a delicate issue. And it is usually better to err on the side of the game being a bit easier than being a bit harder. And if someone does everything right, like having the right training schedules, being active on the transfer market and making the most of it, setting up set pieces offensively and defensively, buying the right player mix for the chosen 3 tactics for various opponents and opposition tactics, scouting opponents and fine tuning their tactic to attack the opponent's weaknesses while reducing it's strength, then managing the finances and the team happiness, a
  6. Have a setup that allows consistent financial success and a few basic rules 1. Develop young players. Young players take lower wages and will usually improve up until the age of 23. They can improve later, but not too much. So you want to strategically buy players that are younger. Buy them cheaper, pay less wages, develop them and then get a significant profit when selling. 2. Sell old players You want to almost never let a player go for free (unless they take so much wage that you are happy to get rid of them) . You want to get the maximum amount of money for them. That
  7. If you are sick you might want to visit a doctor. My observations are well in tune with the observations of other people. It is not your place to judge whether someone can add to a discussion or not.
  8. A good game is a game that rewards playing well and where the success depends on the skill (or luck) of the player. When judging myself in regards to skill and effort, my results are significantly better than my team or my efforts. In the current beta success is easy to come by. Offensive tactics seem to be rewarded. Strikers and Inside Forwards appear to be highly effective. The A.I. appears to struggle in away matches. I am by no means a FM expert, being in the Beta is my 2nd save at all. While being generally good at games, after 9 games I top the league. The team
  9. Anyone can decrease the difficulty of the game very well, by playing standard tactics or buying known wonderkids after choosing a rich club. This argument does not work. The game needs a realistic level of difficulty. When you have an average squad for the league, and play standard tactics, while not doing anything special, you should end up middle of the league 6 out of 10 seasons, fight for relegation 2 out of 10 seasons, fight for international games/playoffs 2 out of 10 seasons. That should be the standard. If you end up competing for playoffs 6 out of 10 times, while bein
  10. Too bad, but thanks nevertheless. At least you have the data now :-)
  11. Hi, first of all many thanks to @Fire_03 and @Reddiablo for all your effort that you put into the game. When checking 1860 in the 3rd Liga i noticed a few things: 1st of all: In the first team Dennis Dressel seems weaker than he is. As one of the current top scorers in the league I think especially his Off the Ball, Anticipation, Finishing and Long Shots are a bit too bad at the moment. Reason being that 3 of his goals vs. Halle were due to clever positioning after corners and centrally after a counter where he finished a ball the keeper didn't catch. This is also true for his goal vs. Un
  12. Having similar issues with a 17-yo with 4.5* potential who stopped developing after he is getting first squad game time in the new season. Is it possible that the playing time is too high for his current level? He is getting o.k. Grades and even scoring goals.
  13. It depends. And it depends a lot on how good his Negotiation skills are. My DoF has Negotiation 15, and I am happy to have him do contracts. But only manually (let DoF handle contract extension), and mainly for staff. He is actually so good, that I cannot use him to sign new players, because they won't come afterwards because of the bad contracts. I'd never use him for my key prospects or players, though.
  14. IMHO possession is a valuable thing. It is especially good as a defensive measure. While you have the ball, the opponent cannot score. Of course for this to work you need a sensible defensive setup and take a good look at how you concede goals. So I usually sit a bit deeper against fast opponents and stop playing for offside. And turn the speed down against much better teams. It does not help when your possession does not create chances, your players don't put away the chances or when you allow 2 goals per game after corners and free kicks, because your defence can't jump. Just
  15. It is definitely possible. Doing this right now with 1860 in the third German division and having phenomenal results in my second season. A few things I learned: 1. When you have many shots but no goals, do the "work ball into the box". 2. Finetune your set pieces, especially the corners. This has made a huge difference for me, since I shoot a lot but don't hit much. 3. Trust in your possession play. You need a high level of training with your formation. The more you have the better it gets. I play a 4-1-2-2-1 Manchester City Guardiola tactic. The offensive Wingers
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