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  1. Mochard

    dafuge's FM16 challenge

    So my first season at Salford and I thought I was in with a good chance to get to the playoffs. I lost quite a lot of players at the start on free transfers but didn't spend too much on transfers. Transfers I got to the 2nd round in the FA Cup before being knocked out away to Portsmouth. I managed to net £102k in gate receipts so that helped. Although at the end of the season I am £261k in the red. FA Cup Got to the Semi-Finals of the FA Trophy before being knocked out on penalties. FA Trophy League got the better of me and lost a couple of important players for long periods which affected me. Finished 10th in the end. League Standings Season review Season Review Possible star of the future for the club (at least till league 2 perhaps) Fred Robertson All in all, not a disaster of a season, I'm still in a job (for now). Edit: And the reason for my 2-8 defeat at home was due to getting my GK injured and having to put a defender in net. I should have defended more but didn't.
  2. Mochard

    dafuge's FM16 challenge

    Haven't done this challenge for a while but getting back into FM so going to give it a try. I picked Salford as I used to live near there and went to Salford University in the late 90's. My Profile