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  1. Mochard

    dafuge's FM16 challenge

    So my first season at Salford and I thought I was in with a good chance to get to the playoffs. I lost quite a lot of players at the start on free transfers but didn't spend too much on transfers. Transfers I got to the 2nd round in the FA Cup before being knocked out away to Portsmouth. I managed to net £102k in gate receipts so that helped. Although at the end of the season I am £261k in the red. FA Cup Got to the Semi-Finals of the FA Trophy before being knocked out on penalties. FA Trophy League got the better of me and lost a couple of important players for long periods which affected me. Finished 10th in the end. League Standings Season review Season Review Possible star of the future for the club (at least till league 2 perhaps) Fred Robertson All in all, not a disaster of a season, I'm still in a job (for now). Edit: And the reason for my 2-8 defeat at home was due to getting my GK injured and having to put a defender in net. I should have defended more but didn't.
  2. Mochard

    dafuge's FM16 challenge

    Haven't done this challenge for a while but getting back into FM so going to give it a try. I picked Salford as I used to live near there and went to Salford University in the late 90's. My Profile
  3. Right - started again with Boreham Wood. They dont appear to have a team, so will be fun raiding the free transfers to make my own. My profile
  4. Well just as I was getting into it Its all over Looks like I will have to start again
  5. Got the game today, so decided to give this challenge a go. Manager Profile After several reloads I am playing as Halesowen Town
  6. I really messed up the finances in this challenge and had absolutly no money to renew contracts and noone would buy my players. I finished 7th in the 1st season but had to play in the playouts in the 2nd season and managed to stay up but only just. There was no way I was going to stay up in the 3rd season. So I think that the best course of action is that I have decided to start again but this time taking more care over purchasing players and making sure I keep in the red.
  7. Season Review 2006/07 - Serie C1B San Marino ended the season in 8th place which was pretty good going after a shaky start. The media prediction was 14th. At one point the playoffs looked extremely possible but a couple of injuries to key players in the last month put an end to the dreams. The board expected the club to battle bravely against relegation and even though we finished in 8th they are a little dissapointed with the teams performance, although they are delighted with my performance. I only brought in 4 players this season and only sold 1. There are 5 future transfers arriving in the summer all on Bosmans and possibly more to come but next seasons transfer budget will be non existent. Finances are in a bit of a mess even with the 200k cash injection from the chairman. The morale of the players is good at the moment and they have attained a good level of understanding. I feel that the playoffs are a definate possibility for the next season and having Parma as the parent club may be of more benefit now they have been relegated to Serie B. As for the international job, it looks unlikely that I will be applying for it for some time. The 51 year old manager doesn't look like he will be leaving for sometime. They have yet to score a goal and are 2nd bottom after 5 games. Maybe they will score against Cyprus who they have yet to play. The only San Marino international in my team is 16 year old Luca Del Prete. Who will more than likely become a substitute for the first team next season. All in all a very enjoyable start.
  8. I found at the start of the season I could arrange friendlies with Serie A teams at home. I only played 2 of them but income was about 50k a match. I am almost 200k in debt and its only the end of december. I am thinking of playing a lot of friendlies in the pre season of next year. How many friendlies would you think would be realistic to play? I dont want to play 20 friendlies just to get out of debt as it seems unrealistic. Would 10 be too many? 10 friendlies against serie A teams should bring in 500k or so which i guess would help with the finances.
  9. A couple of challenges could be something along the lines of "A Takeaway Challenge" where you pick clubs from leagues that have takeaways associated with them ie: India, China, USA, Italy and of course UK. You could start unemployed and win league / promotion before moving to another league. Another could be "A win all silverware challenge" self explanatory really - win all leagues and all cups associated with that league, probably easier with mixed clubs as if you only make the playoffs you would need to lose the playoffs to win the league the year later. How about "A job seekers challenge" you start unemployed and have to win champions league but if any club offers you a job then you have to take it and try and win champions league with that club - could be a little frustrating. Just 3 ideas with potential for tweaking.
  10. How about some kind of alphabet challenge. Where you start at a club begining with A then move to a club starting with B and so on. There is even a club beginning with X. You would have to have leagues that have all 26 letters in but England covers pretty much all of the letters. Not sure what you would have to do before moving clubs maybe win a cup or promotion or something or maybe nothing just try and get through the alphabet in as few seasons as possible.
  11. Hello, I had a great time in Canada and since coming back I have lost the motivation to carry on with my story. I am also learning to drive which is taking up most of my time. I am still enjoying everyone elses stories. KUTGW all
  12. Mochard

    The Stories Forum Community/Discussion thread

    I think I will just experiment with different ways till I find one that best suits the story I am writing and one I am comfortable with. Cheers for the replies
  13. Mochard

    The Stories Forum Community/Discussion thread

    Hello all. As this topic is for discussion, I thought I would ask a question. When writing stories, do you have any tips or techniques when playing games? For example do people prefer to play a few games at a time writing notes as they go or play 1 game at a time and write about it straight after including anything else worthy of noting down. Hope the above makes sense.
  14. Mochard

    The Stories Forum Community/Discussion thread

    Hello all, Just a quick intro. I have been around a while but not in a posting capacity. I enjoy reading all the stories and thought I would give it a go. I am also going to have a go at being a little more interactive in posting a little more etc. See yous around Mochard
  15. I will give this one a go with: my attempt