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  1. Update is live! Downloaded it and now I can install tactics! WOO!
  2. Did fantastically well with my teams until I got West Ham into the Prem... now doing horrible. Wonder what went wrong?
  3. Was using Mr Houghs original tactic but was not doing great, went to your original tweaked version and that helped, but then I saw this... it has helped immensely. My York team has gone from struggling in lower table to the edge of the playoffs. Nice one!
  4. I am having no luck at all with this tactic. I've been playing notts co for 4 seasons without any joy, could somebody give some advice on exactly what I should be doing? Do I need to use a playmaker? A targetman? do I follow my assmans advice and use opponents instructions? Like I've said, I've stuck with this tactic for quite awhile (mainly using control as I am the underdog for most matches) but I just can't seem to score (I have very fast strikers) and am using 9.3. Help please!!
  5. Well, I can safely say that this tactic is pretty darn good. I started a new game with Newcastle and have just finished my first season and ended up THIRD (using 2.1 most of the time and 2.2 against tougher opposition) I bought Fernando Meira for 6.25 million from Stuttgart (to help out Steven Taylor at the back) Joe Mattock from Leicester (for the future) for 2 mil and then Andrey Arshavin from Zenith for 8 million (to play as the right amc) Then grabbed Fabio Aurelio from Liverpool when he went on the transfer list for 2.5 mil (to rotate at left back. Then the highlight being that I sold N'Zogbia for a whopping 40 million pounds to Inter (30 mill now, 10 mil over 1 year and a 50% sell on fee) So with that cash I bought Christopher Samba for 12 mil from Blackburn, Rafhina from Schalke for 9.25 mil and finally Riquelme for 9 million (but alas he did not have a work permit, so I bought him and sent him off to a feeder club for the rest of the season - sucks that I never got to play him yet) Also sold Milner for 7 mil to Villa, which I know is cheap but I really did not want a winger playing in the amc position (although he did play well) and I really want to get Duff off the wage bill even though he plays pretty well on the amcl position. I started off VERY slowly using this tactic (only won 1 of the first 6 games) probably becasue I had a lot of new guys in the team (not just ones I bought either) but once the team had time to gel, I was flying! Have Jiminez(3mil) and Mutu(9.25) coming for next season, so who knows? maybe next season I can go one better.
  6. Very Nice Tactic Mate. Took me a Couple of seasons to get used to it (getting the right players in) but once I did I was flying. Took Barnet from Div 2 to the Premiership in consecutive seasons. First season avoided relegation, Second season lost in first round of playoffs. Third season won 2nd Div, Fourth season won 3rd Div (and got to 6th round of FA Cup beating 2 Prem teams along the way at home) and last season won the Championship playoffs (beat Bolton in extra time 4-2 with only 10 men) This tactic might not get you instant results (unless you have a good team to start with) but stick with it!
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