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  1. @Neil Brock Can it still be related to the database? If the error disappears after a few days / weeks and appears once per season?
  2. Does it make sense? There are no unimportant emails, you might miss transfer requests, players get dissatisfied, your team structure collapses, you get fired ...
  3. @tobsen239 hängt wohl tatsächlich mit den overhaul-Änderungen in der Datenbank zusammen. Neues Spiel ohne overhaul-DB und dann geht es
  4. Hi @John Kendall-Torry all drivers and windows are up to date. i think that a database that is too big is not the problem. after all, these are only exceptions and not the rule when the error occurs. We are now in September 2023, except for the occasional drop-out, everything is working. at least the error with the inbox no longer appeared...
  5. @John Kendall-Torry But only the client has the problem, not the host. the host has no problems, how is that supposed to lead to problems with the client during the week?
  6. @Neil Brock Both on pc with windows 10 64-bit, with windows defender and no additional anti-virus program Host: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor, 3.60 GHz, 32gb RAM, Radeon RX590 Client: AMD A8-6600k APU Processor 3,9 GHz 16gb RAM using onboard-graphics savegame is uploades as "ohne DB save.fm" Do you need more informations?
  7. @Neil Brock@casederik so, we have now started a new game without the overhaul changes in the DB. We are halfway through the third season and have had no problems with the inbox. It actually seems to be due to overhaul, at least in network games. But: The client sometimes got stuck in the weekly cycle. While the host is already on his "desktop", the client cannot do anything. He can click on "browse" and nothing happens. He has to quit and reload the game. I can upload the save if you need it for any tests / comparisons.
  8. I understand that you are really pissed, but please - try to calm down. No one is happy about this issue and we all have the same problem. Writing provocatively and personally attacking the support does nothing at all, except to cause unrest in the thread. Please, try to be factual. Thank you.
  9. A simple question - why does it only affect the host client? (EDIT: correction) Another question, in 2 of my savegames the error occured on same day in season 2(!). What about the derbies in season 1? Shouldn't it happen at every Derby in which a human Players is involved? But it could be, in FM 2019 we have a save without DB derbies overhaul and we are in the year 2033...
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