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  1. Let's hope it's not the youtuber reading features and explaining the new improvements in detail. we will see...
  2. You are answering something other than what they are suggesting. The user proposes that there be at the time of announcing the game a person x who explicitly explains in a long video I change them to avoid speculation and not what you are answering about a person x entering a forum to interact. If the method of communicating news is through YouTube as suggested by a user and as other developers do, it reduces speculation and is visually more concrete. Neil coming to reply to a forum to posts has nothing to do with this user's initial suggestion
  3. I think there were things to put emphasis on development before interaction with the press and other announced news: * To be able to edit the position of the players in the field in the plays of free kick and corner. (Being able to place 3 players on the edge of the area in a corner in attack for example) * That in the training sessions on match day (official or friendly) if one puts an alternate or starting team there may be a program a training routine for those who do not play and not miss that day. * That there are negotiations for player loans outside the transfer period
  4. Obviously I know that this is an advance, but it is incredible that with a month to go before the release of the beta and reading them the expectations we have about the game in difficult moments of closure, it seems that clients like me who buy the game for more than 2 decades we have to tolerate a marketing genius saying: - put on these idiots one minute videos with makeup to raise expectations ... And these people, far from respecting us, love these marketing rules and put them into practice.
  5. is this a joke? I already pre-ordered the game, but seriously a video of 2 mins at 300 mph (where if we want to see something we have to pause a thousand times) is a way to present a product at this time of year? Do you really think that showing a game in this way is having respect for your customers / followers? I ask that someone please tell me what characteristics they could observe without having to pause the video and that it does not have false animations like the advertisements of mobile games (yes of course lords mobile, that will be the game)
  6. I did not go down with millwall but I think the expectations of the board are too high
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