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  1. Thank you, I implemented the changes that you suggested and although against some oppositions (such as 5 backs - Brighton) I have very low possession, I tend to score a lot more goals. Would you suggest using the counter-press TI? Could you please go over the whole TI and PI instructions just so that I know I have them correct? I currently have; In possession - Run at defence In transition - Counter-press Out of possession - higher defensive line and offside trap. You’ve been a star, thank you so much for your help.
  2. I have now switched the MEZ to the left hand side with an AP and a HB holding. I have changed both the passing directness and Tempo to standard. And I have implemented a split block for pressing, do you think I should have the counter pressing option on too or go without that? I beat Brighton 5-0 with 32% possession with this tactic.
  3. I understand now, thank you. Would you suggest the MEZ on pressing over the AP? Fernandes in this instance would be the MEZ and Pogba the AP.
  4. To answer your question here sorry. Yes, when Sancho arrives at the byline the box is overcrowded and more often than not the ball will be thwarted behind for a corner. Ideally, I would like for Sancho to have space in behind to run into with the possibility to cut the ball back to Haaland without any pressure (This is a very rare occasion).
  5. 2nd in the league atm, the problem I'm having is not being able to break down teams. Won the FA cup, Carabao Cup and in the final of the Europa. Silly mistakes cost goals and the football isn't quite where I want it atm. So dial down the attacking aspects? In theory, should I be looking to fill the AM hole? If I was to play with a higher ST, most probably a AF - wouldn't that leave a gap for opposition DM's to have a field day?
  6. When you say split block, what do you mean by this? I'm keen to learn!
  7. What do you suggest I change then? You'll have to walk me through it.
  8. I'm around 25 games into my save with Manchester United save and I am finding it hard to break down opposition as well as keep a high percentage of possession. I have tried playing short and sharp football and short and fast football and neither of these approaches have worked. I have tried tinkering with with the DL/LOE and neither of these options have seemed to help either. These are the roles and duties that I tend to play as well as the players who play in them; DLF(s)
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