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  1. Hello. My football club doesn't have an u23 team so I created one for my save. However I now need to place the team in an under 23 league. I want to place them in the u23 division 3 south and see if they will progress from there. How do I add them to the league and do I need to take another team out ? I also want to add them to the u23 cup structure as well if there is one. Also is it possible to be involved in their day to day coaching as well as managing the first team ? Either that or I was thinking to have a B team and place them in the Isthmian south league if this is possible ? Agai
  2. I've created some new players, but I've noticed they all have the same Unique ID. Every time I go to create a new player in the Pre Game Editor it just creates the Same Unique ID. Is there something I should be doing to generate a new Unique ID each time ? Once I've finished creating a new player do I reset the game database to then create another new player. Do you just 'remove them and then reload database and apply undeleted changes' ? Thanks
  3. Thanks for your reply, some helpful tips, much appreciated. I've created a few new players, replicating a few favourite players of the past. I noticed they have the same player ID but different random ID. Is this normal ? Every time I go to create a new player it has the same player ID number .
  4. Hello I'm new to Football Manager I've been experimenting with creating new players in the Pre Game Editor. Once I've created a player where should I save in on a Mac ?, to make sure it's saved in the right place and my files are organised properly. One of my editor data files had 3 players (that I created) in it when I re loaded it in the editor. once I've created a player and saved it, what should I do before creating another player ? Thanks
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