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  1. I can confirm that this is happening in a regular game. Got hired away from my original team by a bigger team to save them from relegation. Once I won three games in a row and got them out of the bottom three, the expectations changed to mid table finish.
  2. Started unemployed, team I joined (Excelsior - Eredivise) , Asst. Manager managed the reserve games. Every week I got an update as to who was playing better. Got hired by another team in the same league (Excelsior - Heerenveen), hired a new Asst. Manager and set him to handle friendlies. Unfortunately there are no reserve games being played. My entire team is an out of form mess. At this point I may have to self schedule friendlies to get them in shape again. (or stop playing the game)
  3. Same here. (iOS) If you select certain drop-downs - lets say in the player search screen - it launches the keyboard. Why? I have no idea as there is no data entry required on this screen. If you then pinch it to get it out of the way, it just stays up on the screen. Only way to get rid of it is to expand the keyboard into full, then close it out. The recording shows the behavior at the beginning and the end. Thing is, once you use another drop down list, odds are it will pop up again. Very annoying Football Manager 1.mp4
  4. Wow. 9 months and still unfixed and here I was thinking I was reporting something new. I'll repeat what everyone else is saying, scrolling through drop downs in the game with an iPad is excruciatingly annoying. Once you scroll, the menu does not linger and it assumes you've selected an item where your finger was last. Is there any way to adjust either the time the menu remains visible or what triggers selection? PS - Added below video which i recorded to show the floating keyboard issue. In the middle of the video you can see me interacting with the drop downs. It selects the first thing my finger touches on and does not let me scroll. You have to flick your finger away from the menu as you scroll so that it doesn't select anything. Football Manager 1.mp4
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