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  1. hmm... i am using ur V3 home form is playing well at the moment away form was poor... ..?
  2. U all serious this work? I am using default NUFC and my st ameobi and carrol cant score both cm tiote and guthrie keep no cofidence while routledge and ben arfa keep lose stamina like water tap flowing before the match reach 60min
  3. Qn: For each position, u said there is a few stats is important.. what about the rest? if a MRL hav great flair and pace and the rest of the stats is like ****... its not worth it isnt? I am currntly using ur V6.. But drew alot of time(13 in 20 matches) any ideas?
  4. hm.. been using V1 for 4 seasons now, but have been trouble beating arsenal consistantly... any1 with info on how u beat arsenal ? i use wolfsong team talk by the way. I am newcastle Team: ------------Tevaz-------- Fernendez----Kenia---Guilherme -----Veloso----De jong---- Emanuelson----Sakho----Gerson----Castro ---------Ustari--------- shouldnt be my players problem
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