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  1. They have said that they don't know until one hour before it's ready. So if it's released at 00.01 that has to have been a lie, since that's a standard release time. Some time tomorrow is my guess though.
  2. FM13 Video Blog

    Nope? They have said that it will come out aprox. 2 weeks before 2 november, hard to say when it'll be out, but you're probably right. A lot of people have been given the beta already, just not regular fans.
  3. Try Udinese. They just sold three of their best players, Alexis, Zapata and Inler.
  4. Fao Matt-Sega

    I've preordered from GMG, but haven't gotten a key yet.
  5. I'd be interested in trying it. Thanks in advance.
  6. Leagues earn as much points in the Champions league as in Europa League (uefa cup), which is a cup italian teams the past years haven't taken seriously.
  7. Pato, 69 goals, 22 assists in 50 games. Season 2011/12. 45 of those were league goals in 37 apps.
  8. It happens all the time on my saves. I think it has to do with reputation, and not only performances.
  9. who still plays patch 10.2

    I also use 10.1. The newest patch annoyed me way too much.
  10. Gutting CL Final :(

    I once lost a CL final by a deflected DC shot from over 35 yards...
  11. The thanks should also go the other way. SI couldn't exist without it's consumers.
  12. Yeah. They can get better, and worse.