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  1. I'm not having any luck finding it. Could you please point me in the right direction when you have the time?
  2. Hey. I want to do small changes in advanced rules for Italy, but there seems to be something wrong with it to begin with. I load 19.3.0 database - Add nation rules Italy add lower divisions etc - convert to advanced rules. At this point i tried making changes that ive done in fm18 and before to make my game more enjoyable - Test rules All - Then I get this error at the date 5/5/2018 "Error in nation rules: Wrong number of qualified teams (57) found for competition (59 required)." I couldnt figure out why I would get that error so I tried to repeat my steps on new save except I didnt make any of the changes I did before; I just converted to advanced rules right away. I got the same error even though I made NO changes. I tried the same for England and there were no errors. How come I get that error with Italy? Thanks for any help!
  3. They have said that they don't know until one hour before it's ready. So if it's released at 00.01 that has to have been a lie, since that's a standard release time. Some time tomorrow is my guess though.
  4. Nope? They have said that it will come out aprox. 2 weeks before 2 november, hard to say when it'll be out, but you're probably right. A lot of people have been given the beta already, just not regular fans.
  5. I'd be interested in trying it. Thanks in advance.
  6. FM 07 has the best skin. 08 and 09's white skin is horrible.
  7. Football Manager 2007 was by far the best edition ! Still play it often.
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