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  1. I'M a grown 28yo man

    What a stroke of luck!! I'll make up a story like that and casually mention it over dinner!
  2. I'M a grown 28yo man

    yeah my wife thinks I'm a nutter as well, for yelling at my laptop screen every now and then! But I'll say this: Thank God for Farmville! It has given me many nag-free evenings of playing FM! :-) PS. The training schedule above is top class!! all i need now are the appropriate coaches for each category - except one...
  3. The oldest FM fan

    yeah mine did too, until she got hooked on farmville. that saved me a lot of nagging!
  4. The oldest FM fan

    33. I've been playing since 1996, when I discovered it on my mate's computer over the summer - just 2 days before heading back to university for the fall semester. I almost failed all my classes that semester. ...and I've been playing every version since then!
  5. Ok, I assume we are talking about FM2011 now? This issue is still here and I agree it is annoying. I've been trying to bid for loan listed players, and their clubs keep asking for million euro fees and their wages paid in full. What's the point in loan listing players? To send them out to get experience. How can this be done if no team can afford your demands?
  6. Football Manager 2011 Base Skins

    Hello everyone, does anybody know which xml file I need to edit to change the TV view widget sizes (ie. player ratings and motivation, assman feedback etc)? Last year it was "match full window". I tried to use this with the base bg dark skin and it messed things up. Thanks in advance.
  7. TV widget font colours

    Anyone? Any help will do!!
  8. Blythe Spartans! Won the EPL and CL with them after 9 or 10 seasons and then retired from the game!
  9. TV widget font colours

    Does anyone know how to change the font colour for the TV widgets (e.g. player ratings, motivation etc). I can't seem to find an answer to this. Also, last year a few people managed to make the widgets more transparent. Anyone tried it for the 2010 skins? I would appreciate any feedback!
  10. I tried doing this, but I can only find the titlebar.xml for the fm2010 skin. The fm2010 dark skin doesn't have the titlebar.xml in the panels folder. The only file in the folder is the edit bookmarks.xml. Any helpful hints anyone?!
  11. [FM10/FM11] Metallic Logo Megapack

    Great job, thank you. I found that team logos in the match screen are kind of small as well...any way to rectify this?
  12. The Hammers once more.. And he's delighted!