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  1. Hello, Probably the question I'm going to ask is somewhere around here but I couldn't find it... Does a save have an season limit? For example if I can play a save infinitely, be in a club for over 100 years... If this is not infinite what is the season limit on a save? Thanks for your attention
  2. Hi, Yesterday two players left my club and I did not receive any money from these transfers knowing that my president said he was going to give me a part of those transfers The screenshots are in Portuguese but I will translate the parts I drew in blue "Leicester have signed Libyan defensive midfielder Ali Al Musrati from Braga for € 19,500,000" "Management agreed to add € 13.5M to the transfer budget after the deal was completed" The same happened with the player Tormena but the mailbox is already a little advanced and I was unable to take screenshots of the deal, but I
  3. Good afternoon, I've been having a problem I never had, I don't know what's going on So it’s like that, I’ve been trying to propose new contracts to my players because they deserve it, they themselves ask me for new contracts but I can’t do it because they say I don’t have enough salary In these screenshots that I sent in the "Budget for salaries available" it says I have 412m€ per month and the player asks for 116m€ per month Am I doing something wrong? I'm a little lost Thanks for your attention, Merry Christmas Diogo,
  4. Hey, I don't have some custom schedules I downloaded, they just don't show up, I don't know if this is a known bug or if I'm just doing something wrong. Thanks!
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