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  1. Great News! Once I upgraded to full game version upon release, the goal scorers appeared on the skin post game, prior they were missing. @wannachupbrew
  2. In the pregame editor, did you save the database change and merge it? Then when you start a new game, click Advanced and select the Databases you wish to add.
  3. Unfortunately GEORGINIO WIJNALDUM wanted to leave as I was not playing him much (only in easy matches) so I had to find a replacement with atleast around the same Potential Ability as him. And up popped Franco Osti. Bought him right away and he slotted right in to the bench, Sub #3 (Midfield Sub)
  4. Whilst managing Liverpool in the 2nd season, I came accross this Gem. At Atalanta. Pretty sure he was there from 1st season due to the youth intake. If he is a Newgen, it would be wise if you check your club for someone similar to this person. No doubt with a different name but similar attributes. I can see that he will turn out to be an absolute superstar. He's already my main backup at MC spot in the First Team at 15!
  5. Team started at: Atalanta Current Club: Atalanta Season 2 Value: €400,000 Ask Value (approx): €60,000 Positions: DMC, MC (Natural) & AMC Capped at U20 Level.
  6. After restarting steam TWICE LOL!!! I found it in the LIBRARY TAB. Just scroll down.
  7. I've tried, not there. Can you please post screenshots off it's location please? Thank you
  8. Jordan Henderson is 31 in my game now. I've just given him a new 5 year contract +3 years added on as a bonus. So he will be 39 in my game at a later date. In the mean time, I am sending him on coaching courses until he gets the Continental Pro License.
  9. Why bother? Just purchase the ingame editor and see for yourself.
  10. Did you unzip all the files from the download in to the skins folder of Football Manager 2021? Documents --> Sports Interactive --> Football Manager 2021 --> Skins Unzip all files in to that folder, then click on the FM logo in your game (when loaded up). Click on Preferences then SKIN (down arrow). It will be there. Select it then click on CONFIRM
  11. Thank you. It was never like this in FM20. I just created the match plan.
  12. Hi @wannachupbrew Is there any reason we can't select next or previous match tactic? Also when the match result comes up, the players who scored goals are invisible. Only when I click that summary off, I can then see who scored.
  13. Thanks to everyone, I have downloaded and installed the skin
  14. Any idea if Wannachup will release an instant results skin for FM21?
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