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  1. i decided to do a new challenge with paris fc, expectation was for my team to stay in 7th places, with the title being champion with 2 rounds in advance. I used the tactic TequilasunriseknaplassMEZ41311P101ALLCUPS. can someone tell me a better tactic to stop a newly arrived team? or should I continue with TequilasunriseknaplassMEZ41311P101ALLCUPS?
  2. @knap kashmir knap ap p105, what a perfect tactic. I ended the season unbeaten at PL, champion of all, thank you very much, knap.
  3. @knap I used kashimir433mup111 but I had a lot of draws, what did I do wrong? I simulated all games, is there a problem? i play fm touch, could this also be a problem?
  4. tactic of 20.4.1 works on 20.4.0? I'm new, I don't understand much.
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